The Underrated Perks of Online Gambling


Online gambling has many obvious benefits over traditional land-based gambling. First and foremost, the ability to play games for money in the comfort of your own home can’t be beaten. Better yet, many online casinos allow you to gamble on mobile devices so you don’t even have to leave your couch.

In most cases, players may switch between slots, poker, bingo, and other popular games with the click of a few buttons. As many people have busy schedules, this leaves more time to get in on the action instead of roaming around a traditional casino. Furthermore, the money spent on the rising cost of gas to drive to a casino is a non-factor for online gambling.

While these features are very apparent, there are some more benefits that you may not be aware of. The specifics of such benefits vary by online casinos, however, they are otherwise very similar. Here are a few examples of what to look for and expect.

Vast Selection of Games


When you walk into a casino you’ll see the floor space consists mostly of slot and table games. As big as this may seem, there is no limitation for space when it comes to a variety of games for online casinos. This makes it possible for many variations of your favorite games like blackjack and poker.

Expanding on this example, you’re likely to find just classic blackjack at a land-based casino. Consider that it takes real people to staff the blackjack tables whereas the process is automated online and it begins to make sense as to why there are limitations. By contrast, a popular casino website may easily feature styles of blackjack including European, Spanish 21, Face Up 21, and more.

Promotions and Prizes

Loyalty is extremely important for online casinos. Thus, keeping players on their website instead of a competitor’s is a top priority. One way to accomplish that is by offering tickets for wagering a certain amount of dollars.

For instance, Jumba Bet Casino provides its users with a ticket for every $25 wagered on any game. Currently, these tickets allow for the chance to win a new car during a random drawing. It’s a great perk in addition to exclusive bonuses like the one offered by

Aside from cars, another popular type of giveaway are trips and vacations. So, by simply playing with the hopes of hitting a jackpot you may still come out a winner even if you don’t hit the jackpot.

VIP Bonuses and Specials


Similar to earning tickets for drawings, the VIP memberships of online gambling sites typically enroll players by their spending habits. This might be in the form of a points based system where reaching a certain threshold puts the player at a particular level of the VIP club.

Depending on which level you’ve reached, you may receive exclusive bonuses like additional credits for spending or free spins on slot games. These differ from the usual no deposit bonuses awarded to new players and are often more valuable. The higher the VIP level the better the bonus you’ll earn.

Easy Access to Transactions

Keeping tabs on your financial transactions is not only smart but necessary when reporting to the IRS. Since everything is electronic-based with online casinos each deposit and withdrawal should show in your account profile. This simplifies the process of submitting this information for tax purposes versus tracking cash transactions at a physical casino.

Many individuals understand that they are required to report winnings from gambling of no matter how big or small. What isn’t that well-known is that gambling losses can be written off to an extent too. They are tax-deductible under special circumstances and may help take the sting off from losing a little bit.

Increased Odds of Winning


Not having a physical location to manage online casinos drastically reduces their overhead cost. Because of this, they are able to provide better payout rates than brick & mortar casinos. In fact, many offer a 95%+ payout rate for their online slot games.

Defined as RTP or Return to Player, this payout rate is required for display by online casinos. Unfortunately, there are no such laws for land-based casinos with only a few opting to disclose such information. Although, researchers have estimated that RTP for them is anywhere between 70% and 90% putting them well below their online counterparts.

Try Games Before Wagering

The options for games on casino websites are plentiful. It can be overwhelming for many new visitors to choose between the dozens of slot games among others. Thankfully, many of these websites allow for free play where you may test those games.

By doing so, you’ll get a feel for how the payout lines and bonuses work on the various slot games. Now, when visiting a casino in person there is no such option to play without paying. It’s entirely possible you might not find any game thoroughly enjoyable before spending your entire bankroll.

What Does The Future Hold For Online Gambling?


As more countries and territories begin to regulate or loosen laws regarding online gambling, more of these sites will appear. Competition is a good thing as that means better rewards and experiences for visitors. Profits will continue to increase which will push RTP even higher than it is now.

Of course, traditional casinos aren’t going out of business any time soon. After all, they provide many entertainment options like concerts and live events making them a hot tourist destination. However, when it comes to the gambling aspect of casinos, the trend is definitely shifting towards online.

Recent studies have shown that online gambling revenue has raked in 57.54 billion USD globally in 2024. Forecasting growth, that number is expected to nearly triple by 2030 to 153.6 billion USD. That is a huge surge in growth in a short amount of time and likely won’t hit a peak until many years later.

In conclusion, it’s crucial that you at least do some preliminary research on a casino you plan on joining as a member. As popularity continues to soar there will be undoubtedly more scam websites trying to take your hard-earned cash. A quick online search should reveal whether such sites are legitimate or not.