Income Generating Strategies for Single Moms

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Being a single mother and the only income-earner of the household can be a challenging job. When you raise your child by yourself while trying to work for a living seems so daunting. Take in the comfort that you are not the only one in that situation.

Opportunities abound with the onset of online jobs, not only for parents but anybody who has to stay at home so you can work while minding your child at the same time. If you are looking for ways to make money, consider the following.

1. Earn through your skills

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Working online is the best job of today. The advantages are tremendous such as a flexible work schedules, zero commuting, wearing more comfortable clothes everyday, lesser daily expenses, and many others. Freelancing jobs are fit for a busy mom as you can control your time and work at your own pace while caring for your child while he or she is asleep or busy playing.

Since there are so many freelancers offering their services online, it is necessary to advertise your skills. Ask help from your friends and family and join freelancing events and other activities that will allow you to showcase your talents and meet people. It’s time to join the movement, start honing your skills and make money.

2. Do babysitting jobs

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Offer your babysitting services to neighbors or friends for a fee. Other mothers can trust you as they know you personally. They can also feel secure in leaving their children under your care as you know how it is to be a mother.

3. Online selling is the key

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The kind of products you can sell is unlimited from children’s items, homewares to personal accessories, and many more. They can easily be sold as long as it is useful and worth the money paid for. Likewise, don’t just store your used belongings at home for somebody might be interested in it if sold at fair prices. Try making your own product too like unique knick-knacks instead of reselling factory-made items. Online selling only requires minimal capital and minimal risks but has a large potential profit.

The good thing about selling these days is that you don’t have to rely on malls and rent a space. All you need is an Internet connection, a Facebook or Instagram account, great pictures, and a catchy name.

4. Cook your way to success

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Everybody needs to eat. If cooking is your forte, it is time to make money out of it. Show your creativity. Food must not only taste good but must look appetizing and safe to eat. Party trays are popular nowadays, but if you want something that has longer shelf life, go for processed food or bake some cookies, cakes, and other pastries.

Look around your neighborhood and ask your family, and friends to be your first customers. They will surely help you gather more buyers. Start small and gradually expand. One advantage of this livelihood is your family can consume unsold items or give some to the needy so nothing goes to waste.

5. Do mom blogs

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Mom bloggers are popular and in demand in these times. Your experiences along with your skills as a mother can be shared through writing in which not only mothers but also fathers will be interested in.

The best thing about this kind of blog is there is no starter capital. You don’t have to pay for the contents of your blogs and there are platforms like Blogger and WordPress that allow you to start your own website free of charge. As you progress, you can pay for a domain name and hosting. In the meantime, sharpen your writing skills. Remember, knowledge of the subject matter, sincerity, and appeal matter a lot.

6. Be a YouTuber

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It appears that vlogging is one way of earning a living nowadays. Not surprising as it is a great way of reaching a wider audience and driving new visitors to your site. If you have engaging content like day-to-day living as a single mom working at home, funny mom-kid encounters, and other activities, then take a video and share it. You will not only earn money but this will serve as a documentary for your kid/s and something to reminisce about in the future.

7. Ask for financial help

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In case you are in a difficult situation and in need of some emergency money, Robocash special page can be able to assist you. If you are a Filipino citizen, 21-75 years old, and employed or in a certain profession, loaning will be fast and easy for you. Just make sure to apply for a loan for important reasons only.

Loan conditions

Irrespective of age, gender, occupation or nationality, people strive hard to achieve financial independence. For many, the conventional teaching of “Spend less, avoid loans, save more” is the gospel words of financial management.

The misconception of loans as evil forces makes people avoid loans as far as possible with the fear of getting into debt. Their cold shoulder approach for loans, even under extreme financial stress, can deteriorate the quality of life quite miserably.

But in reality, loans can be your best buddies in improving your financial health in different ways.

For instance, a loan to upgrade your work productivity or for securing a new skill will fetch dividends in the long run. But if you take loans to satisfy your shopping addiction or for entertainment, it will damage your financial stability for sure.

So it is not loans, but the ways you use them that make the difference.

Not all online money lending companies are legit.

Online lending companies that operate legally have to register its existence under DTI. They should have a physical office set up within the Philippines so that the enforcement authorities can track them down in case of any untoward incidents.

Still, several illegal lenders operate only in the online world. They do not follow the regulation and loot the customers through various unethical practices.