How to Find Cheaper E-Liquids?


If you vape, you are bound to run out of e-juice. The free samples that came with the starter kit last only for so long, and then you need to order a new batch. If you smoke regularly, you may end up spending a small fortune on your e-liquids. On top of that, you have to factor in shipping charges and other fees if you are getting it online.

In such a situation, how do you get your e-liquids cheaper?

The Best Ways to Find Cheaper E-Liquids You Need

Well, there are a few ways you can try out to get your e-juices at a lower price. It’s not some magic, and you need to do your part to make it happen. Good things at cheap prices don’t come your way too often! So here are few hacks to help you score your e-liquid cheaper.

  1. Research E-Liquid Stores

Just like you get several quotes for a job, try to get several quotes for your e-juice. What we mean is, find out which stores are selling your e-liquid at low prices. If you are buying from a brick-and-mortar store, you will need to call up or visit them to know the prices.

The process is much simpler in the case of online purchases. You just browse online stores one after another and check out the prices of the e-liquid you want to buy. Then choose the site with the lowest prices. It’s that simple!

Here are a few things to keep in mind-

  • Make sure the store ships to your location
  • Look for free shipping
  • See how many years the store is online (more years mean more experience)
  • Read some reviews if possible
  • Browse some customer comments or feedback
  1. Sign Up for Newsletters

Many online stores have a newsletter option you can join. You just need to provide your email to get the latest news and updates and other stories. But those are not the only things you get!

You will also receive promotions, deals, and discount coupons right in your inbox. This is a great way to get your e-liquids at prices lower than normal rates. Look for a form or a filed which asks for your email address to join the newsletter of as many stores as you want. Then you will be able to compare prices and choose the cheapest ones.

The vape and e-liquid marketplace Vawoo has its newsletter joining option at the bottom of the page. You will need to scroll a bit and it’s not visible right away. So you may need to look around a bit as some stores might not have it prominently displayed.

  1. Look for Discounts

You may get discounts in various ways and forms on your e-juices- discount coupons, promotional offers, loyalty discounts, sales, stock-clearance offers and more. Taking advantage of such discounts will certainly enable you to buy cheaper e-liquids.

So what do you need to do to find such discounts?

You will need to stay on top of things! We just discussed newsletters as a great way, but there are a few more-

  • Keep checking popular online stores for new offers
  • Enable notifications from stores to receive updates on discounts and promotions
  • Check third-party coupon apps or websites for applicable discounts
  • Wait for special occasions like Black Friday or Christmas for offers
  • Leave your email or number at brick-and-mortar stores to receive deals
  • Follow the social media pages of stores for offers
  1. Buy in Bulk

This one of the sure-shot ways to get good discounts on your e-liquids. Most shops will be ready to offer you a lower price when you buy month’s worth of pods, bottles or cartridges. The higher the quantity you purchase, the more will be the discount you are able to enjoy.

Some e-liquid manufacturers also sell their products in the bundle. They come at a cheaper price than you are required to pay if you buy them separately.

You have more chances of getting a discount on bulk orders at physical shops. Just go ahead and ask the person behind the counter for a discount- and it works! You can also check out manufacturer websites that sell directly to take advantage of discounts on bulk purchase.
  1. Ask Fellow Vapers

Believe it or not, you are not the only one looking for cheaper e-liquids. Other vapers are also searching for ways to save money on their orders. And some of them may have already succeeded in meeting their goals!

So ask around, especially to vapers for places to find e-liquids at lower prices.

Wrapping Up

Finding cheaper e-juices is not that difficult. If you follow our tips, you can very well be on your way to considerable savings. We suggest you don’t fall for the trap of compromising quality for money and only look for lower prices of good e-liquids only. You can check out here for buying quality e-juices from top brands with great ratings.