Innovative Use of Lanyards 2024

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Over the years, corporate culture has changed so much that it is an absolute necessity for organizations to have identity cards for employees.  You will hardly find any organization that do not issue identity cards to its employees except for very small companies for whom it hardly matters to have or not have ID cards.

Along with the company logo and address, a typical ID card contains the name and photo of employees along with their employee code, department and job title and the employee’s details are printed on the backside. It is the norm to dangle the card from the lanyard around your neck while maintaining the card’s visibility. The card is mounted on a badge holder that has one side visible for displaying the contents of the card to identify who the person is.

Lanyards and ID cards go hand in hand because it is the best way to wear ID cards without worrying about its proper display. Although there are other means of displaying ID cards like tying to the belt or make it hang from a clip tied to the pocket of the shirt, the use of a lanyard is most prevalent. But lanyards have other uses too which might not be as much obvious like carrying the badge holders but none the less significant from the point of functionality as it helps to protect items from falling or getting lost.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways that you can use lanyards and click here to know more about it.


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Carrying keys in your pocket might not be a safe habit, especially for those who are prone to misplacing it very often. While you can keep your home keys tucked away safely inside bags, the same does not apply for vehicle keys or two-wheeler or four-wheeler that must be available ready at hand for frequent use.

A safer way to prevent misplacing keys frequently is to tie it to a lanyard that you can hang from your neck. This would keep the keys in plain sight and easily usable with minimal chances of losing it. However, there are chances, though very little. Of misplacing the keys, to minimize the risk, it is better that you attach only those keys to the lanyard that you would be using when wearing the lanyard so that in case of any eventuality, the other keys remain safe.

USB Flash Drive

As we are becoming more and more technology-oriented that is seamlessly fusing with our lives, we are more and more using attachments and accessories like USB devices, especially for work and business.

The devices are especially useful for professional presentations. You can carry a backup of the presentation in a USB device so that in the event of any technical snag while presenting you can fall back upon the small device that dangles from the lanyard around your neck and can save the day for you.


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Although there might be valid reasons for carrying a pen for most occasions, people often refrain from it because it is no more convenient to carry the instrument in the shirt’s pocket that remains occupied by the mobile phone.  In such situations, sliding the pen over the cord of the lanyard is a viable way to carry the pen that comes in handy when you want to take notes at an event or for handing out autographs.

Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining good hygiene by ensuring that you clean your hands before having food outside might seem to be a good practice, but it can be hard to keep up with it because it might not be convenient to carry a hand sanitizer with you.

An easier way to ensure that you have the hand sanitizer by your side always when moving around is to use a mini keychain sanitizer spray that hangs from the lanyard so that you maintain healthy habits when spending time outdoors.

Phone Holder

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Carrying a phone with you often becomes a difficult task if you do not have a bag or pocket to keep the device to ensure that it stays handy. Nowadays, hybrid lanyards are available that work as a charging cable as well as a phone holder and can ensure that the phone stays handy while keeping your hands free.  The arrangement also helps to reduce the chances of leaving your phone at someplace and forgetting it.

Compass Holder

Lanyards could be of great use for people who have a passion for camping, hiking, and exploring the mesmerizing outdoors. A lanyard could be used effectively as a compass holder. You could not only keep your compass with you all the time but you could also use the compass whenever you want or need to.

You no longer have to waste precious time in digging it out of your backpack or your pocket as it would be hanging around your neck suspended from a lanyard hence, it would be very much within your reach. Lanyards could be used for performing the same function with some other essential equipment and tools for camping and hiking like valuable documents, maps, and some other small items that should be kept handy during the hiking or camping mission.

Political Giveaways

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Lanyards prove to be immensely useful as political giveaways. Customizable lanyards could easily be imprinted with political slogans and campaigns. These could be attached to badges and IDs that campaign personnel would be having with them all the time.

Moreover, these could be distributed during sorties to gain more support and following for the concerned political party candidate. These could be worn during major political events and rallies that are being attended by the candidate. These could be distributed among the attendees well in advance. This would help in bolstering the candidate’s confidence and demonstrate that he has tremendous support and following.


Lanyards have come a long way from performing the function of holding badge holders only and are now much more versatile and stylish that has become a part of modern lifestyle. Lanyards are available in a variety of materials and styles, and you can use it as much creatively as you want to explore and expand its functionality that goes much beyond carrying ID cards and badges.