iPhone X: Hidden Things to Do – How To Reset it

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If you have finally decided that its time to fork out all that money for the iPhone X or the XR, XS and XS Max, you are probably missing out on many features that you probably didn’t know about. The reason why a lot of people have trouble using this generation of iPhone to its fullest is because it is completely different than its previous series.

The X generation finally got rid of the hardware “home” button and the screen now has the smallest amount of bezels but it has a huge notch at the top of the phone. With the release of this completely changed iPhone, came out iOS 11 which was also a complete rework of the previous Apple operating system. It is filled with hundreds of new features that makes the accessibility of the phone much easier.

If you have never heard about these features, here are some of the things you could do with your iPhone X.

The home button is gone

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Some people love the idea of no home button to increase the size of the screen while others hate it and want the button back. However, both of these people do not fully understand how the iPhone works without a button, and surprisingly it is much more intuitive than a button. Who would have thought? Apple really does think of everything.

You will need to learn about all the different ways you can swipe on the display, the different gestures, and motions you can do with it to trigger different actions. The first thing you need to know is for a way to replace the home button. You do this by swiping at the black or white line you see at the bottom of the screen while you are inside of an app. By swiping upwards you are pushing all applications to the background and you will get to the home page. If you cannot see the line, do not worry, you just have to swipe once from the button so it shows up and then swipe again to go to home.

Another intuitive thing that replaced the home button is the way switching apps work. When you see the line, instead of pulling it up, try dragging your finger over the line to the left or the right. By doing this you will open your app switcher and you can easily flick through everything you have previously opened.

If you prefer the old way of switching through the application you can still access the app switcher just like the previous generations of iPhone. It is similar to the gesture to go back to the home screen, but when you get to the center of your display don’t let go, keep the finger pressed and shortly all of your applications will show up in front of you. Once you are there, you are in a familiar environment and you know what to do.

How to reset it?

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If you are ever experiencing some weird glitches, visual artifacts or bugs that slow down your iPhone, your first reaction to it is to restart the phone. However, if your device is not responsive at all, how do you do it? The battery is not removable as some older Android phones and the old trick where you hold down the volume and power buttons to reset it don’t work anymore. This is because Apple changed the steps to reset the iOS device in the new 11 update.

Do not worry, as the new way to restart it is still pretty simple, but you have to do it by following our directions accurately. First, you have to quickly press down the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down and then finally hold down the power or sleep button (whatever you call it) until the device reacts. The apple logo should come up with a white background implying that you will have to wait a bit. If you do not succeed the first time, no worries, just do it a couple more times until you get it right. According to techopera.com, forced restarts fix most of Apple’s iOS problems.

However, if you are still having issues after force restarting your Apple device then you will probably have to reset all of your settings and return it to its original state. Just make sure that you have all of your information, applications and data backed up before you do a reset of your settings.

Squeeze the sleep button

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Yeah, this one is a bit weird, but trust me, it is a real feature. In the past and older Apple devices, you had to either double-tap the home button to wake up Siri or open the application by yourself. However, this new generation of phones by Apple does not have a home button at all, so how do you do it?

If you want to avoid yelling at your device just to wake it up, try giving the sleep/power button a nice squeeze. We believe it takes at least a second of squeeze until Siri finally shows up.

The control center is different

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You might be used to flick up on your iPhone 6 or 7, but since that features now does a completely different thing, how do you get to the control center? It might be hard to adjust for the first couple of hours, but after a few days, you will understand that this new phone design really is much more intuitive than its predecessors. To access the control center we all know and love, you will have to drag down on the screen right of the notch. The features here are pretty similar to what you were used to. You can easily adjust your brightness, sound volume, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, access music and a bunch of other things.

But, wait. If dragging from the top opens up the control center, then how do you open up the notification bar? This is probably what every single iPhone X user is asking themselves, and the answer is hidden in plain sight. For the control center, you pulled down from the right of your notch while for the notification bar you have to pull from the left of the notch. Cool right?