Is A Firm Mattress Good or Bad for Back Pain?

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Nobody likes to return to a lifeless and hard bed after an insanely busy day at work. Busy schedules and a day full of stress often lead to severe back pain, which can only be cured by a good night’s sleep. If you want your body to function with the same energy the next day as well, you must rest your body on the right mattress.

In situations like this, the right mattress can prove to be a lifesaver. It will not only help you to sleep comfortably throughout the night but will also help to reduce your back pain by acting upon the correct pressure nodes.

However, before acquiring the perfect mattress, you need to consider a lot of factors such as its thickness, the material used for its construction, and firmness levels among various other factors. The budget of an individual also plays an important role, and hence you must try to bag the best possible deal.

Choosing the correct mattress is often tricky, with so many options to choose from in the market. According to the problems you suffer from, you will be referred to the type of mattress that would be a great fit for you. Visit to know more. Read this article to find whether a firm mattress is good or bad for your back pain.

Why Firm Mattress Is Not Always Recommended?

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Firm mattresses are no doubt great, but they are not always recommended to everyone. Let us find a few problematic areas with firm mattresses which is why they are not recommended to everyone.

  • Misalignment of the Spinal Cord

A mattress with lots of firmness will not support your spinal cord as expected. On the contrary, what it does is to provide support only to the heavy parts of your body, like hips, thighs, etc. Such a situation creates pressure points that are not comfortable. Apart from the discomfort, such a mattress may also cause numerous long term problems, such as inadequate support for the spinal cord.

For some, a firm mattress may cause all kinds of problems. By sleeping on the mattress you may not be able to understand what your body is trying to do since most of the muscles will perform subconsciously.

  • Problems Related to Pressure Points

When you sleep on a firm mattress, it creates pressure points in body parts like the pelvic area and shoulders. This causes discomfort for all, especially for the ones who are used to sleeping on their sides. Such pressure points on someone who suffers from a bad back will cause double the discomfort, hence making it difficult to take rest and sleep.

Another problem with the pressure points is that they may create numbness and this may result in you tossing throughout the night. You may suffer from the same every day and struggle to find a comfortable position. Finding a comfortable position on a firm mattress will be difficult.

  • Lack of Comfortability

A firm type doesn’t provide the desired comfort properly and often leaves gaps in several places, between the bed and your body. It simply means that all the areas of your body will not be supported by the mattress and may leave you in pain the next morning. The cycle goes on and you will struggle to find the perfect posture for yourself in that mattress.

When you are choosing one for you, make sure you pick one that provides the required support, most importantly to all parts of your body. It should also conform to the contours of your body.

What Type of Mattress Is the Best For A Bad Back?

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A firm one is good for some, but not so good for people with a bad back. For a bad back, there are several different options available.

One of the best options for a bad back is a medium-firm type. That said, the mattress should not be firm to a great extent nor should it be extra soft. They should be soft to the extent that it can easily support your body weight. If you choose a very soft option the mattress will only sink with body weight causing improper balance. It means the back pain may increase if you sleep on a very soft mattress.

For people who suffer from back pain and scoliosis, a mattress with a firmness of a medium level proves to be an ideal option. Also, the material used in making them plays a significant role in depicting whether it would be a good option or not. It also helps in easing pain. We highly recommend sleeping on a latex one since it proves to be the best kind for people who suffer from back pain.

The major reason behind buying a latex option is that it has a natural springiness and also can conform easily with the body shape for providing proper body support. Also, latex is rated as one of the best materials for back pain. Many people swear by using ones made from latex for back pain.


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One of the things that you should keep in mind when buying one is that you should do your best research. Don’t go by what others are saying. It is highly recommended that you should avoid buying one that is either too soft or too firm. Choose one with a medium level of softness and firmness, as they are ideal options.

People in the past used to think that a firm one is the best for back pain, but it is not the case anymore. Recent reports and researchers have concluded that medium level ones are ideal and they perform as expected.

The Bottom Line

If you suffer from back pain or spinal misalignment, a latex mattress is just what you need. This type of option will go a long way and also offers required support. Also, it doesn’t create pressure points causing double the discomfort. Back pain causes people to lose mobility, but the right one will help cure such problems.