Is it Safe to Give Birth Outside of the Hospital?

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Pregnancy is a blessing; this is what all people say. I mean, you are growing life inside of you which is, really amazing. During all nine months, you are taking care of and nurturing your little one in a safe environment. But, when the time comes he or she will have to see the light of the day and take a very first breath.

The topic people rarely talk about is giving birth, it seems like it is surrounded by some sort of mystery. Women mostly choose hospitals as a preferable place of birth, most of them have no choice and this is an only option, but what if it happens that you cannot make it on time? Whether you choose to have a delivery at home or it just happens to occur there is some advice you can follow in order to make you and baby as safe as possible.

1. Be Familiar with Labor Symptoms

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It doesn’t matter if you have chosen to give birth at home, or you are planning to do it in the hospital, you need to know when the labor starts. Pay close attention to the following symptoms so you can prepare for the next steps:

Back pain can be one of the symptoms, so if you start to experience lower backache followed by contractions that are at least 5 min apart it goes time. For some moms to be, this happened really fast and this is even more important to follow up on these in order for everything to go accordingly with the birth plan.

Another symptom that indicates that baby is here to come is your water is broken, so if this happens alongside contractions and back pain be sure to rush to the hospital or call up your midwife.

2. Preparation is the Key

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It is advisable to prepare your hospital bag at least 4 weeks before the due date. In this bag, all necessities will be a packet, so if the baby wants to go out, you will just grab it and be rushed to the nearest medical center where your doctor and midwife are. If you happen to go to a visit to a friend or family in some other town, it is smart to have your hospital bag in the car with you. Labor is an emergency and every medical center will take you in even if you are not their patient.

If you have chosen to give birth at home, be sure that everything is prepared. When I say everything I mean everything. Firstly you will need your midwife to be on call and prepared to come once the delivery has started. Also, a room where it would happen will need to be well prepared with all possible necessary equipment.

In order to be extra safe, be sure that you will have an ambulance emergency team is on standby to drive you up to the hospital if additional care is needed for you or the baby.

3. Do not Panic

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Most important in this process is not to panic. This can lead to increased blood pressure that can harm both mom and the baby restricting oxygen and nutrient supply to the baby making it in distress. Breathing exercises are there for a reason, and focusing on your breath will minimize the pain and possible adverse effects on the baby. The human body is very well prepared for these events, so just read the signals your body is sending and act accordingly.

At this very moment when panic and emotions can overwhelm you, you need to know who to turn to. The Internet is somewhat a place where we all go when in doubt. I do support this action, but only if you have someone reliable to contact. Yourdoctors.Online provides wonderful support for moms to be since real doctors can give you advice in real-time, which is really exactly what you need in these cases.

4. Do not be Afraid of Changing Plans

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Okay, so you have planned your delivery date. You have no idea how little of these went exactly as planned and no matter how detailed you were everything can change in a heartbeat. If this happens you need to be opened for suggestions and do what is best for you and the baby.

If you have planned to give birth in the hospital, but it turns out that you are opening too fast, contractions are very near to one another, it’s okay if it happens on the way to the hospital or at home before the ambulance comes to get you. Keep an open phone line with your doctor if this happens so you can be guided through this safely.

On the other hand, if you have planned to have a baby at home, but the midwife tells you that you need to go to the hospital due to the position of the baby or some other complication do not be stubborn and change the plan for the benefit of you and your little one.

Additionally, even if your pregnancy was perfect from the start you may develop some life-threatening conditions such as preeclampsia, eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, so being aware of the symptoms and stating that you are not feeling well is crucial for your health. Of course, if C section comes into mention, it is okay to take this option as well, since it is often used as a salvation procedure.


No matter the reason you have chosen to give birth in a specific place, bear in mind that you and your baby’s health and wellbeing are the number one priority. By knowing what to do, be prepared for all possible outcomes and staying calm and aware during this whole process you will maximize the chances of pleasant delivery.

Fear is normal, but do not let it blow out of proportions and swallow you up making you incapable of making rational decisions. Always know that you are not alone and that there is a solution to every problem. Just relax as much as you can and happily embrace your newborn.