Is the AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation Feature Useful or Just a Gimmick?

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If you´re an Apple lover or dare we say addict, you’ve for sure been amongst the first to purchase the first AirPods or at least the 2nd gen. If you’re reading this text then you’ve probably upgraded to AirPods Pro or are at least thinking about it.

So you probably already know there is a big difference between the two. And not only in price ($159 vs $249).

Apple = Great Audio

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Apple´s earphones were always praised as being of high-quality, delivering very clear and impressive sound with great detail and powerful bass. They made listening to music a truly enjoyable experience.

They are lightweight with an integrated microphone for hands-free conversations and an inline remote for controlling the music playback. Many people are still using them while some claim they will never switch to wireless.

But Millions of Apple-Lovers did

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With now over 100+ million in total AirPods sold since their first release in 2016, we have already seen new versions, the last with extensive upgrades. They have attracted users with high-tech characteristics and retained them with further releases bringing new features and customizable design.

The possibility to express oneself with a number of different AirPods protective cases was definitely a catch for those with a strong fashion sense. Such an extensive choice of little suits for AirPods has definitely contributed to its popularity. You can check IHeartMyCase and see the cases they offer.

But Looks are not Everything

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AirPods Pro has definitely shaken the market with a set of new, really useful features. It seems that Apple has finally heard its users´ complaints and decided to do something about it.

One of the biggest drawbacks of previous AirPods was that even though they were advertised as a great accessory for runners and other athletes, they weren’t water or sweat resistant. This increased the chances of them getting damaged. Luckily, that was changed in the 3rd generation.

Furthermore, not everyone thought that AirPods are super comfy. The one-size-fits-all did not really work in reality since all of us don’t have the same ear size, right? So with the final release, AirPods creators answered that and introduced a customizable fit with 3 different sizes.

This was further improved with new silicone tips which create a seal in your ear canal to improve bass response. With the help of an ear fit test, you will make sure you have the right seal. All of this adds to a much better fit than the previous generations.

There are other new features like air vent, announcing messages, adaptive EQ, but one really made a big difference in the overall listening experience.

Noise Cancellation – How to Really get Lost in the Music

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Noise cancellation is not a new technology on the market. The first noise cancellation headphones were designed in 1989. Later, this was mostly the advantage of the robust over-ear headphones, but with the technology rapidly advancing, earbuds are becoming a strong competitor.

What noise cancellation does is that it completely isolates the noise around you, immersing you in the music or sounds you´re listening to. Or even just in silence.

AirPods Pro are not even the first noise cancellation earbuds. But are the first that made such an impact. Apple´s ANC (Active noise control) is so good that the city-center traffic noise diminishes to barely noticeable background noise. They are even more effective in an office environment.

The outward microphone detects the sounds coming from outside which get countered with the anti-noise. The same happens with the internal microphone – AirPods Pro counter the unwanted internal sounds with anti-noise as well.

This is a very handy feature if you´re working in an open or co-working space, or any crowded place filled with noise. It can help you concentrate and focus on your work.

However, in some cases, being completely cut off from the world around you can be dangerous, e.g. while running or riding a bike. You need to be aware of what is happening around you to avoid getting hurt or hurting others.

That’s When the Transparency Mode Comes in

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Sometimes you just need to let the outside noise in. And you can do that easily just by tapping on one of your earbuds and switching to Transparency mode. To go back to noise cancellation, you just tap again.

The purpose of this mode is to let through voice and similar sounds. Actually, it amplifies them so that even if the volume of your music is up, they cut through. So you can hear someone talking without stopping a track. Neat, right?

So What is the Final Verdict?

Noise cancellation is definitely not a gimmick. Many people buy over-the-ear headphones just for that purpose. And while these are better in eliminating background noise, AirPods Pro as earbuds are doing a superb job.

If you love immersing yourself completely in the music you´re listening to with the ease of wearing lightweight, wireless headphones – that’s what AirPods Pro are made for. You get to understand their real worth when you want to block out a child screaming next to you on an airplane, a logorrheic colleague, busy traffic, or party next door.

However, if you tend to be more careful and would like to hear the cars and happenings around you while still listening to music; one tap on the AirPod will do just that. This way you can relax knowing that you´re safe.

Apple’s AirPods Pro noise cancellation with Transparency mode is designed to comply with every user´s need and delivers perfectly. Easy switch between the two ensures you get what you need instantly.

If you ever get tired of any of these two modes, you can just turn them off completely.

Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments below. We would love to hear your opinion!