Kobe Bryant’s Lakers Ring Auctions Off For Huge Price

Image source: myKhel

Ever since his tragic passing back in January, the demand for Kobe Bryant’s memorabilia has been on the rise. Whether it be game-worn jerseys or autographed shoes, people want to get their hands on some of Kobe’s goods. A while back, Kobe was very upset when his mom decided to sell championship Lakers ring that he gifted her. Eventually, he let his mom sell the ring along with some other gear for $280,000.

Image source: Goldin Auctions

According to TMZ, the man who bought the ring recently went to Goldin Auctions to see how much he could fetch for it. After starting the bids at $15,000, the man was able to get a whopping $206K.

Image source: TheStandard

It’s also being reported that the ring that belonged to Kobe’s father will also be getting its own auction. That ring will get the same amount, if not more since there are now less on the auction market.