Yaya Mayweather’s Victim, Lapattra Jacobs Breaks Silence in 2024

Image source: NewsBreak

Lapattra Jacobs breaks the silence on the horrific stabbing by Yaya Mayweather, complaining about getting a lot of hate on social media. Critics and Yaya’s supporters even accused her of bringing this upon herself for messing with “other woman’s” man.

Image source: Instagram

Yaya was arrested on April 4th for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and taken to Harris County Jail in Texas after she allegedly arrived at a home where NBA Youngboy and Jacobs were and reportedly said she was the rapper’s fiancée. Mayweather then stabbed Jacobs, after which she was rushed to hospital where she underwent two surgeries.

Yaya is facing life in prison.

Image source: hip-hopvibe.com