10 Leadership Traits Men Can Take From Women – 2024 Guide

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Leadership is the key to running a good business. In fact it is one of the most fundamental things taught to students in B-schools. Assignments and case studies in human resource management are an integral part of any business management curriculum. Ever wondered why? 

Well, human resource and employee management form the backbone of the organisation.  And it is best that we teach leadership to students early on in their semester. Business students looking for some help with their HR assignments on leadership can contact Expert Assignment Help for detailed, well-researched papers. 

Effective leadership strategies are the need of the hour. Plus, with the global pandemic crashing the world economy, we need more sensitive, tolerant leaders to retain and encourage the workforce. 

Women are known to be naturally more empathetic and mature. Even though the world sees both men and women as equals. Both own the key qualities and habits that are essential for leadership. Being honest, handling emotions and pressure is crucial for both business and politics.

Both genders have different approaches to leadership methods. However, there are still people who think that one gender has a better overall approach than the other.

Most people believe women to be stronger in most of the areas, both personal and business life. From balancing family to set up a business, she can deliver remarkable results.  

American believe 57 % of men and women are at the topmost level in business and politics. But they are different in their leadership skills. 43% say they are equal. 

Around 22 % tell a woman has a better approach, and 15 % say men do.

Here are a few key factors in learning from women:

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Balancing work and family 

Women are smart enough to handle work and family. She strives to find balance and fulfil all the needs. Most of the time, they run a shortage of sleep to be a good worker/partner/mother. The vital factor is both work and family needs attention, and she does her best to satisfy all. Sometimes men can miss out important events or may fail to complete a given task. It may be work pressure or financial issues men cannot focus on. Men can lose valuable support and fail to meet people outside the workplace. 


Women value themselves to the extent to which members of a family or company need them. Women believe satisfying other needs makes them happy. Men are much focused on accomplishment, achievement, position and awards. Women always think out of the box to resolve any issues. Men focus on collaborative work and business improvement. But women focus on the establishment of business and setting up a family.

Self-worth set rules that tell others how to treat you. With self-worth, you get confidence, and you can enhance your personality. It showcases others what you see in yourself and your expectations.

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Motivation through transformations

Studies show that women are likely to head through inspiration. Women are transforming people’s behaviour and beliefs. Women align people with meaning and purpose than men. Transformational leadership linked to a high level of team performance and engagement. So it is vital to improving leaders’ play. Men should spend more time on winning people’s heart and soul. Focusing on fostering change in beliefs than behaviour would make men better leaders.


Women do multitasking to balance personal and professional life. In-office women multitask by handling boss appointments, their work and assisting freshers. At home, she holds her parents, husband and children multitasking. Plus she ensures to keep others happy.

Multitasking has been noticed as a woman’s domain. Women, especially with kids, in routine, are tossing between job and running housework. Her morning starts by preparing a box for family, housework and organising daily work. 

She hardly gets time for herself, but she never complains and handles things smooth. 

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Tolerance of pain/emotions

Women have higher pain tolerance than men. In today’s business market control over pain is a valuable quality. You can handle customers and investors in the business if you have control over emotions. In most of the companies and institutions, women will be operating with the front office. Starting from taking an appointment to clarifying any issues she can manage. 

A business can develop only with good connection with customers, investors and employees. Running a successful business isn’t for the vague heart. It needs commitment, big picture thinking and tolerance of pain. 

A woman is an expert in handling her emotions and achieving her target. Most times, man can explore his pain and emotions at the workplace and family. It is hard to hide pain and be in peace, but sometimes it can reverse and have a high impact on your life.

Willingness to ask help

There is no shame in asking or getting help from others. You can always reach the expert if you need help. Usually, men will step back from asking their doubts. Women not only are straightforward; they take initiative in clearing their doubts. Women encourage a better workplace culture

Over the years, I have observed how business management curriculums have changed their lesson plans. Now, you see a lot more women leaders featured on your university lectures. I would recommend you read up on the women leaders and businesswomen over the years to understand their  struggles and challenges.  

Women make better managers, they’re great at multitasking, are sensitive and overall more intuitive. In fact, B-schools now include case studies on women leaders and their success stories

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Social skills and leadership

Women are outshined in-building networks. Through social media, women can connect for both personal and business life. Men should seek a lesson from their eagerness to share and communicate easier ways. The more you connect, the more clients and collaborators you meet.

Not only business purpose women easily connect with family people. She can build a strong bond with family and friends.

Leadership theories are found to explain how and why individuals become leaders. This focus on the features and habits one should adopt to boost their leadership skills.

According to Max Weber’s Charismatic theory, leadership is based more on influence and persona of the leader. And what better example of natural charisma and grace than women right!  

As per his theory, he formed a belief that an organization needs rules and lines of authority which direct it. Both men and women have the same chances of having these features. But women who hold leadership positions are often called charismatic leaders.

Charisma is a feature associated with leaders. The phrase charismatic originates from ancient Greek word charis. Charis means grace, kindness and life. Charismatic people are known for their elegant and noble qualities. By using one’s charisma and influence is taking you a long way in life. 

You can find tons of case studies on women leaders, who have time and again proven to be better managers, facilitating the growth of the team. Hillary Clinton is the best example of a charismatic leader. Emma Watson, Mother Terresa and Michelle Obama are the best example for charismatic leaders. 

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Collaboration is vital to increase the business empire. As women are a smart cookie in-building network, she can easily pull people for collaboration. Of course, men also have networking power. But you can always improve and adapt some behaviours that show success. Women master effective communication with the team.

Put your people ahead of yourself

It is challenging to turn a team into a high-performing group when you only focus on yourself. People who see leadership as an individual accomplishment are too self-centred. For those people, it is hard to unlock team members potential and get productive work. 

Imagine a person-centred on becoming a leader to get a high paycheck. They are least bothered by others’ betterment. They are much worried about their success and accomplishment. Most men are self-focused than women; they are more liable in a selfish way. Men can improve performance if they adopt a less self-centred style in life.