How to Encourage a Better Workplace Culture Your Employees Can Thrive In

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In the business world, workplace culture is a make or break deal for many employees. Top recruits may not be able to reach their full potential with a company if the culture is harmful or destructive.

Great workplace cultures embody qualities such as diversity, innovative ideas, creativity, teamwork, and respect. As a business owner, you can encourage and build a thriving workplace culture for your employees by following these tips from StaffScapes, a Colorado PEO company.

Make Necessary Changes

After establishing your business and financial profits, your next move will most likely veer towards building your team.

The culture in a company, no matter the circumstance, starts with your first hire. That individual brings their beliefs and values into the company, which sets a base for cultural growth. After hiring another five to ten employees, the culture that exists will further blossom. This is the perfect time for a business leader in making necessary proactive changes.

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Allow Employees to “Own” Their Culture

As an entrepreneur, you might have a clear vision of what you want or expect your workplace culture to look like. Let go of that expectation; you are setting your employees up to fail.

To create an inclusive atmosphere, take the vision you have, and mindfully incorporate people’s thoughts and beliefs around it. This strategy will promote employee empowerment and align individuals with a culture they will be thankful for and proud of, excitingly calling it their “own.” To find out more about the topic, click here.

Promote Positivity

Growing a positive work environment benefits multiple aspects of a company, including recruitment, employee loyalty, job satisfaction, collaboration, and employee morale.

By establishing a positive platform to develop a more appreciative company culture, you are reducing workplace stress. Companies that have established a robust positive culture in their workspace are known to improve employee health and performance due to the lack of pressure.

Continue to Find Cultural Fitting Employees

If further company growth requires recruiting new team members, make sure you’re not just looking at a candidate’s track record. It’s critical to look at cultural fit, too.

Eliminate conflict within a valued work culture by choosing kind-hearted people over brilliant performers. A team player who cares about coworkers will always better a company culture compared to an entitled overachiever. It’s better to focus on hiring individuals who have the potential to grow a team and not just themselves.

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Spotlight Transparency and Honesty

Besides disrespect and disloyalty, there is nothing more damaging to a business’ culture than a lack of transparency and dishonesty.

Transparency and honesty go hand-in-hand as they are the middle ground to an even playing field in the workplace. “Transparency allows for one individual to set clear expectations for another, while honesty enables the recipient to demand the same,” stated StaffScapes.

Loyalty works similarly to developing a strong company culture. The bond transparency, honesty, and loyalty create within culture results in high levels of trust and the flexibility to bounce back quicker from failures. When employees can enter a safe and trusting culture daily, job satisfaction will increase.