5 Tips to Know Before Leasing a Copier in 2024

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New or used photocopiers are certainly not a cheap investment for any company. Therefore, you should carefully consider all options when making that decision, with all the information you need when it comes to making such an important investment.

Before you go, online researching models, pricing and purpose, keep in mind that you should consider a few factors to suit your needs and that the price of the product is not crucial in the decision you make.

Leasing is something you should definitely consider, as it is usually too big an investment for a person to use only for their own needs or for smaller businesses.

We will first explain what the most important things are when choosing, and then what to look out for if you decide to lease.

Photocopiers or Multifunction Printers?

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When you start your search for a new device, you might as well be confused about the large number of copiers on the market. In most cases you will come across multifunction printers, various “all in one” devices (printer, scanner, copier), but you can also find standalone photocopiers.

Before you spend too much money on your decision, the question you should definitely ask yourself is do you need the advanced functionality of “all in one” appliances for your business? If it is a commercial investment in a company, a higher-quality multifunction printer may still be a better option, given the advanced performance of a large number of such devices today and the ability to perform various tasks.

Color or Black and White?

You should make this decision easily, as you probably know for what purpose you will use a photocopier. Color printing devices are certainly more expensive, and if you do not need this option, you do not even need to invest more money in it than you have to, thus burdening your budget. Consider that there are four times as many parts within a color model than with a black and white device.

Which Options should you Pay Attention to?

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Depending on your business needs, you should consider these options for whichever manufacturer you choose.

Copy Speed ​​- If your business requires frequent copying of a large number of documents, you should certainly consider the speed at which you will perform the tasks, or choose a copier that can meet your needs.

Networking capability – It’s important to know if you can connect to an existing network and what opportunities it brings you. Make sure that the connection is not one-way, but two-way, in the sense that you have the ability to send from your PC to print, but also that you can send scanned documents to your PC from your photocopier.

Easy to Operate – This is not something that should be overlooked, especially when choosing a business device. You do not need a machine that will additionally take your time with complicated handling and you will, therefore, need to send employees for training, rather choose one that is user-friendly.

Do you Need A3 Printing or Photocopying?

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If you do not need A3 printing and you have a large volume of printing, we definitely recommend one of the A3 devices! If you’re wondering why, the answers are simple, because of their durability, toner capacity, scanning speed, print speed, and many other parameters.


This can certainly be a very good option for many reasons, but you also need to keep a lot of things in mind so that it doesn’t turn out to be better if you bought the device. For this reason, we will present you with 5 tips on things to look out for. Also, this guide deals with the details of this topic, so if reading our text does not answer all the questions, you can look for answers there.


Read the contract carefully. Many things can have an impact. Of course, start with how much you will pay per month. Then what is the length of the contract and whether the price may vary each year. It happens that the first year is cheaper than later. Also compare with the competition, you may have chosen too expensive leasing.

Don’t sign too long a contract also.

What if you Needed a Copier Replacement?

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You may have chosen the wrong model in the beginning, which does not meet your needs or maybe too much progress and expensive for your business. Check out the conditions of a replacement immediately. How much will it cost you and what will be the procedure to get another device? Make sure the contract is such that it does not cost you as if you were taking it for the first time.

Is the Insurance Provided or should you Pay for it?

This is a very important item. These are expensive appliances and any repair will not be cheap. Check that the insurance is included in the price. If not, then you do it, in the long run, it will certainly pay off.

Contract renewal

This type of contract usually involves automatic renewal after a while. It is best to avoid this and it is the responsibility of the company with which you have reached an agreement to contact you and see if you want an extension.

This will prevent unwanted extensions and then you will not be able to terminate the contract without paying a penalty. If you just insist that this be found in the contract, then you insist that the terms remain the same when renewing.

What Happens in the end when you Terminate your Contract?

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Although it is a matter of the end of the collaboration, pay attention to that first. How do you deliver a copier back? Do they come for it or is it your duty to take it? Do you have any extra costs then? But don’t let them charge you for something that doesn’t exist in the contract, as it often happens that they try to make a few extra bucks.


Now that you know the characteristics of a copier machine, as well as how leasing works, it will be easier for you to complete this process as convenient as possible and with as little stress as possible.