Level Up with Land Leveler Attachments

Img source: multec.co.uk

Landscaping companies are always looking for a better tool for the job. A tool to get the job done faster while still giving the customer quality work. Breaking up soil, removing rocks and preparing the ground for seed or just simply leveling the ground for landscaping, can be a daunting tedious task. Over the years this was done by hand raking or by dragging a chain link fence behind a tractor.

Well, gone are the days of driving in circles with your tractor or breaking your back with a garden rake. Now you can attach a land plane attachment to your skid steer and easily break up tough soil. Skid Steers Direct has great American Made skid steer attachments that you can use for your landscaping, renovation, or construction project. These attachments come in different models based on application. The first model is a Heavy-Duty Land Plane. This land plane has up to four cutting edges. It works in either forward or reverse directions. The cutting edges dig into the surface working up the dirt and breaking up the soil. By using the tilt on your skid steer, you can apply down pressure to the attachment for maximum performance. This attachment also works well for digging up sod or reworking stone driveways and parking lots.

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The second model is the Severe Duty Land Plane Attachment. This attachment is unique in the fact that it has hydraulic scarifier teeth. These teeth are placed in the back of the land plane. The hydraulics allow the operator to either work the ground aggressively with the teeth down or finely level the surface with the teeth up. Another great feature is the metal mesh catcher mounted to trap large rocks. The front serrated cutting edge allows the dirt and other material to move smoothly back and forth within the outer edges.

A favorite application for property owners who are in areas that get heavy snow fall is reworking or grading gravel driveways and parking lots, removing pot holes and leveling out the driving surface. Both the heavy duty and severe duty land leveler skid steer attachments work great for grading applications. However, for areas that were heavily damaged I would recommend the severe duty. The scarfier teeth will dig up to 6 inches into the gravel, easily removing and leveling pot holes.

Img source: skidsteers.com

For municipalities with baseball diamonds, these attachments work great for keeping the infield in tip top shop. They can also be used to work up sandy beaches or trails. Use these land levelers for applications such as working up pastures for horses or other farm animals.

These attachments are available for both full size skid steers like a Bobcat S185 or a mini skid steer such as Bobcat MT 85. Using one or the other have their advantages and disadvantages but both are proven to work excellent with the land leveler attachments.

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