Long-Term Furnished Apartments in Brussels

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Are you thinking of moving to Brussels for work or for the family? You have made a good decision. This is a busy cosmopolitan city with lots to offer. You will find that you will fit in quickly especially if you can speak any of the two official languages in the country; French and Dutch. English is also very widely spoken in the city. To lessen the hassle of the move, there are numerous furnished apartments that you can live in when in Brussels. Listed are some advantages of living in furnished apartments in Brussels.


With long-term furnished apartments in Brussels, you have the convenience and flexibility of living in your own home. First, you will not have to incur any expenses in buying new furniture for your new home as the house comes fully stocked with everything you will need. If you are interested to see such apartments visit HousingAnywhere. Also, you will enjoy the flexibility of living in a beautiful house with an easy commute to work that you can leave quickly and in short notice if need be.

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Better than a hotel

Often, when living in a new country, you would prefer to live in a hotel for a few days to a month as you search for suitable accommodation. Furnished apartments however, will offer you the privacy and comfort of home quicker than a hotel would. Unlike living in a hotel, these types of places provide the roots that you need to thrive in the new country. You have a permanent address that you can call home for as long as you can stay.


Furnished apartments have an air of exclusivity. They target mostly expatriate professionals and high-powered individuals for a short or long stay. It offers a high level of comfort, privacy and security that one would have in their own home.

Available in different sizes

Long-term furnished apartments come in different sizes and styles. Whether you are moving with your whole family or just on your own, you will find a furnished apartment to suit your needs.

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Extra services

For your convenience, furnished apartments charge a service fee that ensures that your house and surroundings are well looked after. With this charge, you are able to enjoy a variety of services and utilities without much worry.


Long-term furnished apartments in Brussels are suitable for expatriate company executives and other foreign workers living in this city. They are easily and conveniently available through a simple online search.