How to Think like a Bookmaker and Make Money Gambling – 2024 Guide

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Betting on sports is a fan-favorite activity that many people adore. Sports fan or simply gambling fans, the players like to back up their claims with some wagers and try to win money on the side. If you have never made a betting ticket in an effort to win some money, you probably do not know nearly enough about sports gambling as an industry. In reality, it is a lucrative business and a very popular activity for the fans. There are just so many things worth taking into account that it almost becomes a science.

In the article before you, we will try to help you as much as we can and bring you some info on how best to think like a bookmaker and make money while gambling. Bookmakers are of course those in charge of calculating bets and chances of potential outcomes. They are ones everyone listens to when they are still strategizing and thinking about what kind of moves to make and which team and player to support. If you have wondered how they do it, the tips below will help you make money much more often than you lose it.

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No Emotions

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The number one thing you should remember when gambling, whether it is sports or casinos, is that emotions have no place in the whole ordeal. You can never think as straight and you can never remain as focused if you are constantly trying to jiggle anger, happiness, satisfaction, disappointment, and the rest of them. When you start exploring your potential moves, shut your emotions and biases out and remain focus on the ultimate goal, which of course is winning money and walking away richer than you came in.

What this means is basically trying to keep a clean mind at all times, no matter if you winning or losing. Both losing and winning streaks will come but the key is never to overreact and lose focus. If you do it, you will become more prone to mistakes and risk losing what you won, or burying yourself deeper in losses. Do not let others know what you feel either, as they can take advantage of that and try to agitate you to provoke a reaction and derail you. If you think of it more as a business than a pastime activity or a hobby, you will be a much more successful gambler who wins more than he loses on average.

No Room for Fans

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Here we do not mean that you should not love a club or an individual player, far from it. Sports fans make for some of the best bettors on the planet, and it is good to be passionate about things you love and organizations you support.

What we mean when we say there is no room for fans is this: you should not play favors or pick your clubs and players to win if it makes no sense. If the circumstances are such that the side you love is absolutely going to lose, or at least have a tough time winning, it means you should not really bet on them taking it all. A much better strategy is to examine why the club is bad at the moment, explore their tactics and tendencies, and bet on other things than simply the winners and losers. You can pick goals, cards, corners, points, and any of the other statistics.

Betting on the club or individual player you like is great when they are dominating, but if they have been unlucky as of late, do not risk your financial well-being. It is a much better business decision to pick smarter choices and make a combined ticket that will increase your chances instead of lowering them. Any bookmaker would tell you the same. Remember, it is nothing personal, but a matter of good and bad business moves.

Surrounding Circumstances and Research

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Now, following a sport or two and knowing a lot about them is all well and great. However, it is not nearly enough if you mean to think like a bookie and win money frequently. Let us take the most popular sport for example, football. There is so much that dictates a game other than its participants (players). First of all, you must think about the home team. Then, you should consider who the coaches are and what their tactics usually are. Are there any injured or sanctioned players? What are the weather conditions and what is the track record a certain team in all of these combined circumstances?

Even if you have it all down to a science, lucks till has a lot to do with it. Therefore, it is always better to come prepared and equipped with as much knowledge as you can. This prevents surprises and ensures you have a mechanism in place for every possible scenario that is in your control. One example would be betting on a certain number of yellow and / or ted cards based on the officials in charge of the game at hand.

Different referees control the game differently, and many are card-happy for no reason. The same goes for every single detail, especially now when the 12th player in the form of the audience is lacking from games. Players are used to being actively supported from the stands and many have a tough time playing on the same level without fans watching them. The key is researching and staying within the game at all times. Missing a key detail could ruin your whole betting ticket and ruin your chances at a large score.

Conclusion and Takeaways

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As you can see from these few things, there is quite a lot to think about if you mean to play the game anywhere close to how the professionals do it. Bookies are on their positions for a reason, and the players always turned to them because they know the game and the industry.

To increase your chances at gambling money, you have to start by shutting out unnecessary emotions, approach every game like a business move, and do enough research outside of the sport itself, even it if means following the manager on social media!