The Useful Resources to Make Your Destiny 2 Life Better in 2024

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Destiny 2 is one of the games that became popular among people in the last couple of years. In the beginning, things were probably a bit easier. The number of players was not immediately huge and the competition was decent. Yet, today, the number of Destiny 2 players is around 8.4 million. This means that the competition is tougher than ever before.

The beginners will struggle to achieve some of their goals because of that. It is necessary to find the best possible way to adapt to the current situation. One of the first steps you should make is finding useful resources to make your Destiny 2 life better. This means that beginners need to work on the improvement of their skills and knowledge. Without them, you won’t be able to achieve a lot. Keep in mind that many people that play this game are already experts.

Yet, this is not the only way that can be helpful for you. When the competition is tough, it is okay to ask for help. Fortunately, websites like offer this type of service. There you can buy different weapons or ask for a power leveling service. We suggest you check their website and see which things they offer.

Yet, all these things won’t mean a lot if you do not educate yourself. Because of that, we want to share with you the best possible resources that will help you become better.

Stat Tracker & Databases

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When you are a player, many things are unclear to you, right? The newbies do not even know the features of the characters they can use. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. There are many websites that share pieces of information about the character. For instance, one of the websites that can provide you more info is Destiny Status.

It is a decent website that precisely explains which type of equipment each character contains. More precisely, there are three different things you will find out here. You will see all the gear in the game, where that gear drops, and which pieces of equipment you possess.

Despite that, the Trials Report is also a good resource for beginners. This website explains the current meta in terms of the most popular equipment. Despite that, the users will have the chance to search for any other guardian stats using their username. This is a great option if you want to scout potential opponents or connect with potential teammates.

Destiny 2 Podcasts

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Okay, we all use different methods of studying, right? Well, if you like podcasts, then Destiny Community Podcast is a perfect choice. You can find it on two different platforms – Podbean and iTunes.

So, why are these podcasts so special?

Well, the first reason why we recommend it is because it is hosted by four high profile content creators. More precisely Destiny Community Podcast is a weekly two-hour trawl through the latest Destiny 2 news. You will hear plenty of opinions about the Bungie. They usually analyze what could be done better.

Yet, the pieces of information that presenters share are not the reason why this podcast is popular. You will feel the presence of good chemistry between them. This makes education even more interesting. The podcast itself is streamed on Tefty’s Twitch channel every Thursday from 18h PTS.

Yet, this is not the only podcast you should check out. We would like to recommend two of them – Guardian Radio Podcast and Planet Destiny Podcast. Both podcasts cover a similar subject. Pick the one that seems more entertaining. We guarantee they are both equally good.

Finally, there is also a Crucible Radio Podcast that you should check. The mantra of the presenters is “Play the game we’ve got rather than complain about balance”. They help people become better Destiny 2 players in a positive and salt-free approach. Despite that, self-improvement is one of the topics they cover as well.

Twitch Streamers & YouTube Channels

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Here we come to the most popular way of education. People usually pick these two platforms. It is easier to improve your skills and knowledge when you see how professionals do it. There are a couple of channels that we would want to recommend to you.


This channel is active on both platforms; you can pick the one that you like the most. If you are looking for a channel that is specialized in weapon reviews, then check this one out. His explanations are succinct, clear, and in most cases correct. This Destiny 2 player is a member of the DCP crew. He was previously a WoW player. Thanks to his experience in both games, his pieces of advice can be quite useful.

Datto Does Destiny

This channel is also active on both platforms – Twitch and YouTube. Many people will tell you that Datto seems a bit grumpy sometimes. However, keep in mind that he is one of the influencers in the Destiny world. His “Maths Class” crew is one of the best in the world.

There are two things that players can expect from this channel. First of all, his videos are perfect for establishing the optimal DPS on particular encounters. Despite that, his exotic tier lists will be super handy for all the players.

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Triple Wreck

This channel is only available on Twitch. It seems to us that Triple is one of the most ferocious PvP players. Despite that, we think that he is the saltiest streamer from our list. He doesn’t have the problem to criticize Bungie. For instance, he had many negative comments on its design decisions.

We won’t say if he was right or not. However, his skills and knowledge confirm that you should check his channel.


If you want to become a PvE specialist, then visiting Slayerage’s channel would be a perfect choice. This guy is the part of The Legend Himself clan. Thanks to successes that he achieved, he became infamous for pulling off seemingly impossible challenges. Just like the Triple, he is not afraid to call Bungie out.

So, tell us, which of these resources seems like the most useful one? Is there a resource that you would want to recommend? We would like to hear you!