Margaret McPoyle is actually very beautiful

Margaret McPoyle is actually very beautiful

The first time you saw the poor and misconstrued Margaret McPoyle had to be a memorable sight. She has been a very frequent character on the famous show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ever since 2006. Her traits are an urgent lip-licking, ponytails, and her a completely disastrous unibrow that cannot be overlooked.

Fans have not had a clue about McPoyle. She is an individual from a closed-off and inbred family, and is also both deaf and mute. On the contrary, the performing artist who plays the character of Margaret McPoyle is very beautiful.

Her name is Thesy Surface, a Chicago-born performing artist. In 2010, she told TheTVJunkieDotNet that she “experienced childhood in blustery old London.” Her dreams drove her to Los Angeles where she sought a career in acting. “Taking a shot at Sunny resembles leaving in Cracktown. Yet a fun Cracktown”, she said. Continue reading to find out more about this actress.

How did the character come to be?

In a 2012 meeting with Mr. Media digital broadcast, she said that she had literally just arrived to Los Angeles when she scored the role of Margaret McPoyle. From “a companion from college”, she learned about the audition. That person was interviewing for chief Daniel Attias, who has since 2005 coordinated over twelve “Always Sunny” scenes.

The actress also revealed for TheTVJunkieDotNet in 2010 that her friend shared some of the details. “They’re searching for this extremely modest job. And it resembles this extremely unpleasant character.” When she found out more, Surface thought she was going to fail, because as she put it, “Since, you know, I’m good looking.” She told Mr. Media digital recording she “simply needed to be on TV.”

Margaret McPoyle is actually very beautiful

She did not even understand what she had agreed to accept back then. She “didn’t know [Margaret] would have been that monstrous“. Next, two days after trying out and finding the job, lucky Miss Surface was on the set of “Always Sunny”, with all of her terrible cosmetics on.

The unibrow went HD

When Thesy Surface prepares to play Margaret McPoyle, she looks pathetic. However, looking oily like that is not simple. As she put it, she “perseveres through a 1 ½ to 2-hour ‘uglification’ process. All to transform” into the annoying character. Despite her first appearance being planned as the only one, McPoyle became a recurring character. The cosmetics procedure stayed as well. In 2010, Surface gave TheTVJunkieDotNet an elite scoop. “This year, the unibrow progresses toward becoming HD. They couldn’t simply stick a shaggy mustache on my brow.” Very interesting.

The cosmetics specialists went the additional mile for the role, and made careful arrangements with small individual hairs to her face. Surface thinks McPoyle’s recently modernized monobrow is great. It is not as bad as the old props that were lubed up. “I’m like, Margaret McPoyle looks better this season.”

The character, essayist, and arrangement co-maker Rob McElhenney was not okay with this. He told Surface at one point, “You know, we’re not a pretty show. We’re an appalling show.”

The actress had a stalker

In 2011, TMZ had its eye on Thesy Surface, as the newspaper chronicled her nightlife. She wanted to enter a Los Angeles dance club Voyeur without an ID, and smoked outside the club waiting for a word with the concierge. Then a cameraman appeared, and asked her, “What’s this character you play with the unibrow? Are you like the Ugly Betty?” to which she reacted, “She makes Ugly Betty resemble Victoria’s Secret model.”

The tabloid had bad news to report, as Surface supposedly “swung to police for help”, because of an incident with an online stalker. The person “email[ed] her pics of an enlivened finger spelling the c-word in blood.” Police did find the person in question, and uncovered their “IP address” and email points of interest. After they followed the traces “back to a Tumblr account by the name of ‘dirtythesy’”, the mysterious creep sent the actress revolting pictures and awful messages, including the one where they are blaming the on-screen character for looking “appalling and unskillful”. Surface suspected that this “stalker” knew “all her own data.” TMZ also announced she was “completely coordinating with the LAPD.”

She did not fear the role

In 2012, Thesy Surface was hopeful about the depiction of her character would “make an extraordinary ‘Before They Were Famous’ story.” In her meeting with the Mr. Media webcast, they asked her whether McPoyle had opened entryways for her. “You realize what comes of it? Promotion. … It’s, similar to, buzz. It’s smarter to the talk of the town than not.” Although McPoyle does not give Surface a line of discourse, she believed she was in a favorable position. She thought the watchers were inquisitive, and they were eventually astonished that the actress looks so different.

Bob Andelman asked Surface is she had worries, “You’re a dazzling young lady, however you’re truly all around concealed.” She replied, “It’s bizarre, everybody asks me that. It isn’t so much that I’m not vain, I am vain. Whether they’re malevolent, regardless of whether they’re appalling. … I’m somebody who likes boundaries by and large.”

The vital thing for her was that McPoyle remains with the watchers when it is over. “Somebody once said… it doesn’t make a difference how huge a job you are, simply be vital.” And when Margaret McPoyle gazes into space and licks her lip, it does remain with you for some time.

How does Surface play Margaret?

On the first day of shooting, she says that the “Always Sunny” group “didn’t state much”, so she was on her own and had to fight for herself. In 2012, she shared how it felt. “Don’t do too much”, she was told. Somebody that new might overact the part, so that is the advice she received.

Surface was uncertain about the needed approach to the job. McPoyle doesn’t talk while Surface says she herself is “extremely vocally expressive.” She decided that McPoyle “[saw] the world as, ‘Everything’s new.’ You know, similar to those infants where they simply gaze at you. Since they’re simply completely entranced with you?”

Regarding that lipstick

Margaret McPoyle is notorious for her “Lip Lick.” This came in “Always Sunny” season three scene “The Gang Gets Held Hostage.” It highlighted Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) alluring McPoyle in a restroom. “I was similar to, ‘What sort of lick do you need?’” Thesy asked Mr. Media in 2012. She then experimented with “a couple of forms of the lick” for Fred Savage. In the end, she came up with the “The Lizard Lick.”

Surface added that Savage was somewhat fanatical about The Lick being done perfectly. He exhorted her: “Keep on simply doing that lick! Do it one more time!” In 2008, Surface was noticeable in the music video for “Returning to Philly”, which was a promotion for season four, which Savage coordinated. Surface added that Savage is all about one thing, which is “Do lip lick! It’s the marking some portion of it!” or, “You prepared to make out, Thesy? Prepared to make out… ?”

Margaret McPoyle is actually very beautiful 2

Surface says the Lip Lick was “something where it’s in the content. However, you don’t assume it’s going to wind up that celebrated, you know, The Lip Lick of Margaret McPoyle.”

Inside the kiss with Glenn Howerton and castmates relationships

Talking with TheTVJunkieDotNet in 2010, she said Danny DeVito was not around, at least on her first day. Strangely, he “sent a frozen yogurt truck of Ben and Jerry’s to set.” Surface sat there for the majority of the day, eating frozen yogurt in her appalling cosmetics.

In 2012, Surface also revealed that she kept running into her co-stars Glenn Howerton at a Hollywood gathering, soon after the shooting. Before McPoyle “turn[ed] into a common character”, she introduced herself. She used her finger as a temporary unibrow because he did not recognize her. Howerton revealed she “worked to perfection” and that was that. When she was called to come back to the show for the 2007 “The Gang Gets Held Hostage” episode, Surface saw that a key scene included kissing Howerton. Her first thought was “Poor Glenn needs to kiss [Margaret McPoyle].” Howerton had co-composed the scene as it turned out. “I resembled, ‘That is fascinating. … He must have liked the idea somewhat.”

Guidance for all McPoyles out there

It does not look like much on paper, but the characters on the screens can sit tight their entire lives waiting for a good role that will put them on the map. One like Margaret McPoyle might come knocking on their door. In the 2012 interview, Surface offered a few pieces of advice from her experience. These can really one of those battling performers who are deciding on their roles, and those hoping to get a break. “You just never recognize what will occur. You should appear at everything. Go to each tryout. Keep each arrangement. Just dependably appear and be open.

Surface really knows a lot about acing now, years after her big break happened. Artists often have no idea when their first huge breakout is going to happen, and sometimes they score a big role out of nowhere. Because it never happened at a perfect time, they think it will never come. This is not the case however.

She also knows performers who simply did not want to go and try. They “didn’t have a craving for meeting with that one individual.” This is not a good approach, as actors should try every time. “Abruptly their lives take a turn for the better.” The takeaway from this is that with a touch of conviction and dumb luck, you might find a role as a creeper, lurking around plunge bar toilets. You just have to need it enough to go and try at any cost.

Margaret McPoyle is actually very beautiful
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She really likes to writ at the moment

Thesy Surface changed her needs over time. In an interview with the Daily Actor in 2013, she talked about her new interest, which is screenwriting. It has turned into an essential concentration of hers as of late, and she would like to sharpen this art until it is “adequate to be a calling card in itself (anyway long it takes).” She says that these days, she would much rather have “the acting … occur as a counterbalance.” In addition, she needs her compositions to “take [her] to better places.” Therefore, she is not “in the remaining 50 young ladies attempting to book two lines on an episode. That is simply dreadful for me any longer.”

No matter that this is the case with her life now, she has under no circumstances abandoned acting. In October of last year, Surface was in a live satire show called “Mortified”. This ensemble includes a ragtag and consistently changing gathering of many grownups, “sharing their most humiliating youth antiquities” as the official site states. We are happy that she has found success after her first big, and rather interesting role on TV.