What Vaping Devices Are There

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There are hundreds of different types of vapes on the market. It can be very hard to decide which one to get. A vaping device and a vape are the two things you must have in order to start vaping; the other is the e-juice. This guide will help you to understand all kinds of vapes and help you find out which one is perfect for you.

For vape beginners, the simpler the vape, the easier it will be for the beginner to start vaping. There is a big number of reasons to take up vaping, but most of the people start to vape because of the desire to quit smoking. Since it’s very hard to break the addiction to cigarettes (nicotine), a vape is the best choice to make the transition easier.


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While all vapes can be referred toa s “e-cigarettes”, the erm is usually used for a device that is similar to cigarettes in their shape and size or simply called cigalikes. These usually come in two or one-piece designs are probably the easiest devices to use. Two-piece e-cigs come with replaceable batteries and cartridges while the one-piece ones are usually disposable.

The advantages of e-cigarettes are that it is discreet, affordable, easy to use and small and convenient enough to fit into any pocket.

Vape Rigs

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The latest type of vape to show up on the market, vape rigs are some of the easiest vaping devices available. A vape rig comes with removable batteries and a portable rig, as well as the USB-C charging ports which make them easy to use.

With the vape rigs, you have numerous benefits like its small form factor, ease of operation and efficiency of use.

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Vape Pens

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The first evolution of the e-cigs was the vape pens who came in larger forms and perform better than the e-cigarettes. While they can vary a lot in size, most of the vape pens are compact enough to fit into a hand. They are usually made from two parts: the tank and the battery. These can come in all-in-one designs or can be detachable. Vape pens come with an internal battery and their capacity is pretty limited due to its small size.

These vape pens have much longer battery life than and performance than e-cigs while having replaceable coils and cartridges.

Box Mod Kits

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These are much larger and stronger vapes and are for more advanced apers. The extra size usually means longer battery life and better performance. Most of the box mods come with different features and settings such as temperature control or variable wattage and so on.

High Wattage Box Mod Starter Kits

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These are currently some of the most popular vapes on the market. They come with much more power and a bigger capacity. In most cases, these vapes are paired with tanks that have replaceable coins. The number of batteries dictates the power limits and size of the device; most high wattage box mods can take up to two or three batteries, while some even fore.