Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Vape Pen


Are you planning to switch to vaping after years of smoking traditional cigarettes? If you’re planning to explore vaping as a smoking alternative, you’re in luck.

Thanks to its popularity, vaping today is almost accessible to everyone – from everyday college students to corporate office workers who are looking to do a quick puff.

Vape Pen 101

Among the most popular vaping options in the market today are vape pens. What are vape pens, though? They’re a type of vaping device that works by heating the vape liquid inside to produce inhalable smoke for users to enjoy.

Most vape pens have the following parts:

  • A battery that serves as the device’s main power source
  • A switch that users use to initiate the heating process
  • A microprocessor
  • An atomizer which serves as the primary source of heat for the vape pen device
  • A cartridge that holds the vape juice loaded inside; and
  • A mouthpiece which the user uses to inhale the produced vape pen smoke

The parts mentioned above all work together to provide the best experience possible for the vape pen user.

How To Pick The Right Vape Pen For You


If you’re going to look for a vape pen for your vaping needs, you’ll likely be greeted by countless options from manufacturers like Electric Tobacconist.

Each company offers its version of a vape pen device, which comes with various features, add-ons, designs, and so on. Unfortunately, all of these can be confusing to the everyday vape pen user – especially if they’re not really into it, unlike the vaping connoisseurs extremely dedicated to their craft.

You don’t need to worry anymore. To help you out pick the right vape pen without any unwanted hassles and headaches, check out the points below.

  • Know The Difference Between Closed And Open Vape Systems As Well As Mouth-To Lung And Direct-Lung

Before moving forward, do you know the difference between closed and open vape systems? How about what differs mouth-to-lung from direct-lung? Or perhaps you’ve already heard of them in passing when your vaping friends talk about them while all of you are hanging out.

Whatever the case, it’s best that you know about the abovementioned before going vape pen shopping. Knowledge is power. Knowing a thing or two about vaping, particularly vape pens, can help you better navigate your buying journey.

For starters, closed and open vape systems are two types of vape devices.

Closed vape systems are vaping devices that come preloaded with vape juice. They’re mess-free and are recommended for newbie vapers as well as those who don’t want to be bothered with refilling their vaping devices every time the juice runs out. On the other hand, open vape systems are vaping devices that can be manually refilled with vape juice. This allows for greater customization and more savings because there are closed vape system devices that can’t be refilled with juice.

Moving forward, mouth-to-lung and direct-lung refer to the way the vape pen delivers smoke that the user can enjoy.

Mouth-to-lung refers to vape devices that make less strong smoke. Meanwhile, direct-lung offers denser and cooler vapors that have a heavier hit on the smoker. Beginners and those who are switching from smoking traditional cigarettes can find comfort with mouth-to-lung. On the other side of the coin, the latter is recommended for expert smokers and those who are seeking a greater hit.

Keep in mind the point mentioned above to help you with your search.

  • Check The Vape Pen Basics


After knowing the basics of vaping, you’re now ready to move forward with the next step: being able to check the vape pen’s basics.

The basics that you need to look into when buying a vape pen include the battery capacity, coil, temperature regulation, and device size. Read on below to learn more.

  • Battery Capacity: Look for a vape pen that has a high battery capacity to avoid frequent recharging and longer use. Go for vape pens with at least 1000mAh capacity for all-day vaping, especially if you’re a frequent user. In addition, pick vape pens that have replaceable batteries to promote savings.
  • Coil Options: Coils are the workhorses of vapor production. The main types of coils are mesh coils, dual coils, and multiple coils. Besides that, each coil may come in any of the following materials: ceramic, nichrome, titanium, stainless steel, and so on. Each coil type offers various properties to produce varying vapor results.
  • Temperature Regulation: Advanced vaping pen devices offer greater temperature control, allowing users like you to fine-tune the flavor and vapor production to your liking. Nonetheless, there are preset temperature settings for beginners.
  • Device Size: Pick a pen size that fits your lifestyle. Discreet pocket-sized pen vapes are ideal for on-the-go use, while larger pens with bigger batteries offer longer vaping sessions.

Check Out Multiple Vape Pen Makers

Not all vape pens in the market are the same. Device makers come up with various product offerings to ensure that their consumers have the freedom to choose depending on their liking and needs.

It’s advised that you don’t jump on the first vape pen maker that you see on the internet or the vape shop. It’s recommended that you look into the different companies in the market.

Do comprehensive research on the web. Read customer reviews, compare and contrast vape pen features, watch vlogs and video demos covering different vape pens. In addition, ask vape shop employees for recommendations while also considering your needs and budget.

Then, list the top three promising vape companies that have commendable product quality and price, along with customer support. Next, you can inquire directly to each one’s sales associate or customer support agent to inquire about their products and services. At the end of the day, go with a vape pen company that’s enthusiastic about having you as their client and goes the extra mile to provide the best service possible.

Vaping Tips You Should Know About


Once you’ve found your perfect pen, here are some pro tips to enhance your vaping experience:

  • Prime your coils. Let the coil soak in e-liquid before your first puff to prevent burning.
  • Start low, go slow. Adjust wattage or temperature gradually to find your sweet spot.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Vaping can be dehydrating, so keep water handy.
  • Cleanliness is key. Regularly clean your pen to maintain optimal performance and flavor.
  • Store it safely. Keep your pen away from children and extreme temperatures.
  • Follow proper disposal guidelines in your area when getting rid of your old or broken vape pens.

To Conclude

Remember, vaping is a journey, not a destination. Experiment with different flavors and explore new brands to discover what works best for you. Embrace the vaping and vape pen knowledge imparted in this post to find the right vape pen for your needs, and that suits your preferences. Happy vaping!