5 Most Popular Live Betting Options

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The world of betting is huge, with both sports betting and casinos recording huge volumes each year. Americans, much like the rest of the world, love to put a bet or two when the games on.

The beauty of it is that you can bet live and you can bet from the comfort of your home? With live online betting getting more and more popular, there hasn’t been a better time to place a bet. Live online betting makes everything that much accessible and convenient. But have you asked yourself what are the most popular betting options out there? If so, then we have an article for you.

1. Football (Soccer)

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Properly called football, this is the biggest sport in the world with commercial revenue being the highest out of any. Football is a sport with some of the wildest betting options, from BTTS (both teams to score) to 2/1 (away side leading on halftime and the home side winning the game) there are tons of options to bet on.

Part of the reason as to why it is the most popular sport to bet on is down to the fact that football is very popular in many countries throughout the world. The biggest event in football, which is the FIFA World Cup, saw more than $300 being bet on worldwide in just 10 days.

A lot of people bet before the game starts and those are general rules, but a large number also waits for the game to start to see in the first few minutes or in the first half what’s the game like to place their bets. You can focus on goals, corners, red and yellow cards and bet if someone is going to win or lose. The stakes are higher once you go live.

2. Live Greyhound Betting

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Live Greyhound betting is very fun and very popular. It is similar to horse racing but instead of horses and racers, there are greyhounds. Greyhounds are super fast dogs that chase a fake bunny. Whichever crosses the finish line first wins the race. Each greyhound has a number on them so that you can place your bets. These dogs usually have some names given and some are very famous. The great thing about it is that you can bet before the race and you can also bet live! To find out more about live greyhound betting, make sure to visit GreyhoundBetting.co.uk.

3. Tennis

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Tennis might shock you being on this list, but you’d be surprised at the number of people that bet on tennis. Tennis, over the years, has moved on from being a sport that only gentlemen watch, into a sport loved by everyone. What makes tennis so interesting for betting is the fact that you can bet live on it. In fact, tennis betting generates billions of dollars each year. The big name in tennis, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal are the names that punters mostly bet on. And the same as football, the adrenaline hits hard when the match is on!

4. Horse Racing

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We mentioned that greyhound racing is similar to horse racing. Well, in horse racing we have jockeys (the people riding the horses). Horse racing is a very noble sport with roots dating back during the Age of Kings. One of the biggest tournaments in Horse racing, Cheltenham Festival, attracts millions of dollars in betting revenue each year. The 2018 Cheltenham Festival made almost $200 in just a few days.

5. Football (American)

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American football might be the most popular sport in the U.S., but it falls into 5th place on the ultimate betting list. Americans, much like the rest of the world, love to bet on U.S. sports, and Football is the most popular one. The 2018 Super Bowl generated bets nearly $150 million worth.

The reason why Football wasn’t so popular was that sports betting in the States was officially forbidden until last year. Now, there will certainly be an increase, especially during live matches.