Must-Read: Top 5 Outdoor TV Covers You Need to Know About

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Weather conditions serve as the main foe that can endanger the lifespan of your outdoor TV set. Since you’re spending your hard-earned money for this particular entertainment product, you need to protect it. Otherwise, your money is spent on the purchase will be wasted. To protect the investment on your television, you need a heavy-duty cover. These days, outdoor TV covers have really become popular to protect the flat-screen TV from any possible damage caused by weather and any other incidents.

There are various reasons why people put a TV outside their living room. Well, it is part of human freedom to choose something that can give them satisfaction and contentment. Other than the patio area, some would prefer to put their expensive TV in the swimming pool area. Regardless of where the TV is located based on your personal choice, the TV set should be protected while it is placed outside your bedroom or living room. You have to think not only the fun and relaxation as you also have to think how you can protect the money you spent on the LED, LCD, or Plasma TV.

It’s time to know the top 5 brands of excellent Outdoor TV Covers!

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The first on the list is Garnetics. An out-of-home TV viewing has become popular for several years now. It’s the reason why the weatherproof protection by this brand has become one of the most famous TV covers that are made available on the market. There’s nothing to worry if you want to hang a TV outdoors. The covers will ultimately protect the entertainment platform no matter how bad the weather condition is.

For some people, they would buy an expensive outdoor TV. But with the use of those covers, you don’t have to. Saving money is the main practical reason so you don’t have to buy the expensive television like the SunBriteTV Veranda Series Outdoor TV (55-inch) which is usually sold at around $2,000.00. How about an expensive TV cabinet? You don’t need it either. The waterproof cover can do the job for you. You just have to wall-mount the TV outdoor and used the flat screen cover for protection. Garnetics products are available on their own website and on Amazon.

The second on this list is Clicks. This brand boasts of its products as waterproof, weatherproof, as well as high quality. Their TV covers can provide long-lasting protection for any TV set. The microfiber cloth is included in the package to help people in the cleaning and dusting of the covers. There’s no need to use any toxic chemicals in the cleaning of the product.

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The quality standards of the television covers have been tested when it comes to maximum strength. Like any other brands, it can be your best protection. Your outdoor TV can withstand any weather conditions and there’s no need to panic whether you will place the television in your swimming pool area, or in the patio, or even in the garage.

The third brand is Stronghold Accessories. It has a weatherproof TV screen protector for 40” up to 42” LED, LCD, and even Plasma TV screens. The durability of this brand name is fine. It can last to protect your TV for a longer period of time. There’s no need to worry about natural phenomena like rain that may affect your television when placed outside. The heavy-duty covers can also protect the TV from the intrusion of animals and the presence of moisture, wind, snow, seawater, sunlight, and even bird droppings.

Aside from being water-resistant, the covers are also made from high-quality and durability-tested materials. The television cover products are purposely made to protect the entire front, back as well as the sides of the TV set. They have the so-called Velcro flap right at the bottom part. Its aesthetic value is high as the flap at the bottom creates a seal around.

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The fourth on the list here is Khomo Gear. They also produce weatherproof outdoor TV covers. The appearance of the covers is great provided with the panther series. This TV cover brand takes its pride from years of solid marketing. The produced TV protectors are highly compatible to LED, LCD, and plasma TV with different sizes.

Do you need all year round protection? Well, there’s nothing to worry as such brand has promised that their TV covers are made from heavy-duty materials with 500x300D high-density polyester. The products have tested the high elasticity, water resistance performance, and can survive regardless of the weather conditions.

Last but not least on the list is Avion Gear. This brand offers products with a lifetime warranty. Their double stitching provides the security and assurance that once you will try their outdoor TV covers, not just the good looks, but total protection of your investment is ensured.

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Velcro flaps ensure a tight seal around your television set when it is outdoor. The covers are so fit and that you don’t need to worry whether or not the other people will appreciate them. They have such aesthetic value, so to speak. Every wall-mounted TV can be protected with stylish effects.


There are 4 main things you have to consider when choosing the right and perfect TV covers. First, the covers must have a proven track record when it comes to surviving weather conditions. Second, the materials to be used should be durable and waterproof tested. Why? When it rains, your TV is safe. Third, there should be an assurance that the covers can prolong the lifespan of your television unit. Fourth, the covers must be in different colors and sizes so that you can have many choices.

Viewing television outdoors has become popular nowadays. There’s also a relevant article published here about the other users-tested TV covers in the world today.