Exposing the Myths Surrounding Slot Machines

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While all people who live to gamble know that playing any casino games, especially slots, won’t make you rich overnight, even though there are some small chances for that as well. On the other side, the main reason why this sort of online gambling is so popular today is because you can have a lot of fun, and it can be relaxing, while there is no need for some special skills or experience, which makes it perfect activity when you have some free time.

Still, there are many misconceptions related to pokies, and some of them are considered a mystery since no one is sure how some people managed to start believing in false facts about slots. In that matter, we are going to introduce to you some of the weirdest things players believe about slots, and explain if any of them is true.  

Wide Selection of Games, Different Chances to Win

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Many players have various misconceptions about this model of gambling, and one of the most common one is related to a wide variety of slot games, and how you could have better chances while playing one of the titles, while certain titles are there only to provide the casino with higher revenue. When it comes to land casinos, there is no proof that well-known places have rigged machines. On the other side, it is known that developers of online games have already introduced a system with odds, where there indeed are some differences when you are playing different games. To know more visit wildz.com

Therefore, you should always check the return percentage, and choose only those options with this feature being over 95%. The prizes are still completely random, while a high return rate can only help you to stay in the game for a longer time. Also, the additional bonuses are random as well, while the jackpot prize is well-determined, and you should check if there are some additional requirements to be eligible to win this prize. Still, we can notice that a lot of people believe that the selection of a particular game can somehow decrease or improve their chances to win.

A Heavier Coin Leads to Heavier Pay-out

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We can notice different theories related to this misconception, which has nothing to do with facts. On the other side, there are some options where you indeed can have chances to win more, but only when it comes to progressive slots and video poker, where some companies require people to play at maximum bet if they want to be eligible for a jackpot prize. However, there is a myth where players think about how the size of their bet can lower or improve their chances. In most cases, they assume that playing with a higher bet will give them better chances to win, while small bets are the ones where online casinos make the most of their money.

On the other hand, we couldn’t find any proof that will lead us to think that any casino is using this method today. In that matter, you should determine your budget and set the proper amount of bet. Playing with a higher bet can provide you with more money, but only if you are lucky enough, while the chances to win bonuses, free spins, or connect valuable symbols remain the same no matter, whether you are playing with 10 cents per spin, or at maximum.

People have tried plenty of weird things, but in the case of modern-day machines, a heavy coin is not going to alter your chances of winning. If that was the case then people would be moulding coins out of osmium and living life like the Griswolds in Vegas! Of course, that doesn’t stop people from holding these superstitions, just like someone might choose their spouse’s birthday as their lucky lottery numbers, people will hold onto those lucky coins for slot machine time too.

A Machine That Hasn’t Paid Out For a While is Waiting For a Jackpot

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This is one of the most interesting legends, especially because there is a small portion of truth in it. Before you start playing slots, you should learn more about the advanced system that developers have integrated to determine the values, potential wins, required bets, and more. Also, they are using random number generators, which is the only legal way to introduce a new game on the market. Assuming that you’re playing on a legal slot machine, every time you press a button the RNG spits out a number which influences when the reels stop spinning. It is a completely random event and the fact that a machine hasn’t paid out for a long time won’t affect how likely it is to pay out soon, or not by a noticeable amount at least. 

The truth element to this myth comes down to relative frequency. For example, if you flip a coin, you’d expect it to land on heads half of the time and tails the other half. If you flipped six heads in a row, then you’d expect the next flip to be tails. Although the individual chance of that flip being tails is still 50/50, the chance of flipping seven heads in a row is 1/128. This accumulation of equally-weighted events happening is called relative frequency and this is what people are experiencing with this myth. 

The random generator obviously has more than 2 equally weighted outcomes; it generates billions of outcomes each second. If you had a supercomputer and a lot of time on your hands then you could work out your exact answer, but basically, over a short period of time, it could appear that the machine was following a pattern of paying out once, not paying for ages and then paying out again. However, the longer that machine plays, the closer it gets to the average pay out time it has been set to, or the RTP ratio that we mentioned before.

You Will Have Less Chances on Auto Play

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An even more strange myth is related to the method of playing these games, especially when it comes to the options to press the start button for each spin or choose the automatic feature. While auto play represents an excellent way to enjoy your favourite games, even after you are taking a bus, driving, walking, or enjoying your coffee in some bar, we can notice that a large number of players think how there is a connection between this feature and chances for a win. Still, we are not sure how anyone came up with this myth, and if there were any cases where some slot was performing better for them while they were pressing the start button all the time. It is a surprise that so many people find a connection between winning and avoiding this option.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many things that people think are true, while there are not proofs and connections with practice. Besides these beliefs, it is common for players to show some levels of superstition, where the position, amount of money, number of spins, and many other things could somehow improve or lower the chances to make a profit in this game. However, you can only improve your chances by learning more about the rules, wagering requirements, official return rates, and by implementing the proper money management.

Besides that, it is crucial to select a reliable online gambling platform as well. There is always a risk that some of them might be a scam with rigged games. Also, be aware that you will have to share personal data and bank account after you register them, which makes it even more important to read comments and check the experience of other players before you register and place your first funds on some online service.