Need Cash in a Flash for a Holiday?


The holidays can be extra special, but only if you have the dough to make it so. Unfortunately, not all families have the funds to achieve that picture-perfect celebration. So how can you give your loved ones a holiday worth remembering if you’re not exactly financially capable? It sounds like you might benefit from quick loans. A fast cash loan is a sum of money given to you in cash. What sets it apart from your typical personal loan is that quick ones are processed and granted in just a few days’ time, making it easy for you to get your hands on just enough funds to pay for last-minute expenses. Are you thinking of taking out a quick loan for the holidays? Here’s what you need to know.

Loan Amounts are Typically Smaller

Another thing that sets the quick loan apart from the usual personal one is that the value granted will often be much smaller. That’s because they’re designed for smaller needs – like a Christmas party, a child’s school expenses, or a medical bill. For that reason, they can be a great way to bridge the financial gap, giving you just enough to fund a holiday without you having to incur such a big debt. If you require further information, you can visit OzMoney.

Loan Terms are Shorter

Because you’re taking out a much smaller amount, your lender will expect you to pay at a sooner time. So in effect, quick cash loans can be a suitable solution if you need an advance before your paycheck comes in. For instance, if you anticipate that you’ll get paid by the end of two weeks, and the loan you’re applying for is due in three weeks’ time, you can designate an amount from your incoming salary to pay off the loan.

Interest Rates Are High But Manageable

Since lenders in this business are dealing with smaller amounts, they offset the size of the transaction with the interest rate they implement. On paper, a fast cash loan will display a higher interest rate than what you’d typically see with traditional types like personal loans. But because the amount of the loan will be much smaller, the actual interest you pay might actually be fairly manageable. For instance, if you’re borrowing a fast cash loan of $500, and the interest rate is at 30%, then you’ll end up paying $650 at the end of the loan term. So while 30% might look pretty steep, the actual amount just comes down to a few extra hundred dollars, which can be surprisingly reasonable.

Requirements are Few

Walk into a bank and ask to take out a loan, and they’ll ask for every document you have to prove your identity, your income, and your permanent address. That’s just part of their know-your-client or KYC protocol that helps them determine whether or not you’re fit to borrow the amount you’re hoping for.

Unlike typical lenders, however, quick cash creditors will have a far less rigorous screening process. Asking for no more than a few identification cards and perhaps a proof of billing, these lenders incur less risk despite their loose KYC protocol because of the small amounts that they deal with. Plus, they also often give their clients incentives. If you’re able to pay on time without a hitch, the maximum amount you can borrow on your next transaction will likely shoot up.

Don’t let the lack of funds water down the celebration. Quick loans can be an easy and accessible way to get your hands on cash for the holidays. And if you’re smart about anticipating and budgeting your incoming salary, you can easily pay off your quick loan in a single go. So go ahead and look for a lender and make the holidays extra bright with an easy, affordable, fast cash loan.