New Employee’s First Day – Info and Tips 2024

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The first day at any new job is bound to be daunting and awkward, with new hires keen to give off a positive impression. HR teams should develop a good onboarding process to help new employees settle in as quickly as possible.

An HR system from Cezanne or another HR company can give considerable support for creating a smooth process. But there are certain things that a recruit should learn on their first day to help this process along and improve their day considerably. Here are some things new employees need to know on their first day.

The Team

The first thing that a new member of the team needs to know is the name of the people they’ll be sitting with. Often when new people come in for their first day, others are either shy or focused on their work, which means that they don’t get a chance to introduce themselves. But in going around the team and entering everyone, they will have a better chance of making connections later in the day and will also feel more comfortable asking people for help if they know their name.

Desk Setup

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Walk the new employee through their desk setup, including their computer and any other equipment they have access to so that they don’t feel stupid for asking questions. It will give them a chance to ask any questions to you immediately about where things are or how to operate their computer, plus you can ensure that they have everything set up correctly so they can get to work.

Company Facilities

From the bathrooms to the communal kitchens and any other amenities, show them around the building thoroughly. If there are any facilities like coffee machines, show them how they can use these so that they can settle in more easily and feel like a member of the team straight away. If there are areas to grab stationery or office supplies, point these out to and make sure that they have a notepad and pen to job down information or answers to questions throughout the day so that they can refer back to them.


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Each company is different, and there are always going to be different types of software used that the new employee may not be familiar with. A quick list of the leading software the team uses will allow them to bookmark them for later use and have a play around so they can get used to how to use them. For the more complicated tools, it is a good idea to have a thorough tutorial scheduled later in the week so they can understand how to use it, but for the first day, a list will suffice so they can acclimate quicker.

Company Information

If there’s a company handbook, the first day is the perfect time to provide a copy to the new member of the team. That will help them understand how the company operates and how their team fits into the overall hierarchy. Also, it will allow them to answer some of their questions before asking.

Company Culture

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The handbook is useful for more precise information, but the culture of the company isn’t always included. Such things are the typical work hours, and the company’s ways to keep the staff motivated. If the company puts on events or activities for its staff, point these out to the recruit and let them know that they can sign up for anything that grabs their interest. Modern people like to be yes-people, so they’re likely to want to get involved with team events to get to know people and to provide a positive first impression.

Ten tips for integrating new employees into the organization:

  1. The selection process must be the tool to generate candidates committed to the company’s project. Design it in a way that causes enthusiasm.
  2. Ensure that the team does not have work overload or excessive professional commitments during its first days. That way, they can answer your questions as well as provide a warm welcome.
  3. Make sure the team is informed about the day of its incorporation. It is essential to convey to the new member that their arrival is vital.
  4. Make that person feel a sense of belonging. Any teaching manual is always an excellent welcome gesture.
  5. It helps you feel comfortable in your new environment and stimulate your productivity. Ask the employee about his preferences regarding his place of work and try as much as possible, take them into account, and act accordingly.
  6. The person responsible for your selection process will have to set aside time to assist you in your incorporation process. It will be the ideal person to present it to the rest of the team.
  7. The rest of the team should also take time to introduce themselves to a new partner. It is essential not to neglect this point to avoid the uncomfortable feeling in him/her of not knowing who has already known, and who has not.
  8. Plan and complete your schedule. You will feel useful and productive if you schedule your tasks during the first few days. Please take advantage of the fact that it has a higher availability to give you training about the functions for which you have no previous experience.
  9. Organize a team meal on your first day. It is the perfect scenario to facilitate their socialization. A relaxed event like this will facilitate the employee’s familiarization with the company’s culture and reduce their anxiety.
  10. Take advantage of the energy of routine change. Make sure you feel useful as soon as possible, avoiding slow and tedious formations.

Other factors that allow improving the candidate’s experience

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Nowadays, the concepts “work” and “office” have changed. Companies seek to enhance the development of workspaces, where social relationships are built, and positive experiences have exchanged that influence the improvement of employee productivity, health, and well-being. That is a significant step in the onboarding process.

A positive professional experience of the employee is, in turn, an essential element in the prestige of the company, its image in society, and its ability to attract and retain talent. One of the keys to achieving this is to make employees feel part of different projects that enable them to develop professionally. At all times, workers need to take on challenges and work through objectives, performing vigorous activities in which they can exhibit their skills and abilities. So that it is, it is very productive to work in communicative spaces and with a high level of participation, so that they feel free to contribute all their creativity.

However, this is a great challenge for companies, which is none other than carrying out the onboarding process correctly. Only that way, will they be able to offer human talent a different value from that provided by their competitors and thus create a strong brand with their own identity.

Final Word

The first day may be an anxious one for people joining a new company, but with a positive onboarding process and a focus on the essential things they need to know, you can make it as stress-free and informative as possible.