A Fresh New Look With a Facelift

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Those concerned with their aging face may benefit from undergoing a facelift procedure. It’s a relatively safe and relatively painless surgical process which removes loose skin and wrinkles to give the face more youthful contours.

Face contours like defined jawlines and smooth eyelids are generally considered attractive features, making a facelift an effective solution to make them even more pleasing to both you and others.

You Look Younger

As we get older, facial muscles loosen and skin becomes loose. But with our board-certified plastic surgeons performing facelift and neck lift procedures, years can be taken off of your appearance!

Facelift and neck lift procedures often can effectively address moderate to deep wrinkles, folds and creases without resorting to more invasive measures like dermal fillers or collagen injections. A facelift focuses on tightening and repositioning muscle and tissue beneath the skin so as to make your face appear more youthful and natural; making you appear decades younger!

Facelifts can also help soften deep wrinkles between the nose and mouth, reduce jowls, neck bands and excess fat in the neck area and soften deep laugh lines.

Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons employ advanced techniques to create results that appear natural, refreshed and youthful – never overdone or “windswept”. Instead, they focus on repositioning the SMAS layer beneath to produce more natural-looking outcomes.

At our clinic, we carefully position incisions within the hairline or behind your ear so they are hidden by hair as they heal – helping reduce scarring for natural-looking post-operative photos.

An additional advantage of getting a facelift is increased confidence. When pitching your business idea or attending conferences, your newfound assurance will allow you to perform at your best and meet expectations.

Your appearance is one of the main ways people judge you, so getting a facelift may help set you apart from others and gain you recognition from them.

Studies have proven that facelifts make people see you more attractive, successful, and healthy in the eyes of others. People respond more favorably when they perceive you looking youthful and fresh.

Most importantly, facelift and neck lift procedures are safe and usually painless. Your comfort is guaranteed during the whole process thanks to the local anaesthetic and sedative used by our board-certified plastic surgeons. Our surgeons have more than 30 years of experience, and they have the competence and abilities to support you in achieving your objectives.

You Look More Attractive

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After having a facelift or neck lift procedure, your face appears younger and refreshed. By tightening and repositioning underlying skin and muscles that create wrinkles in the area, a facelift or neck lift procedure helps rejuvenate and reshape it for an appearance that is firm and smoother.

Reviving your youthful look is not only great way to boost confidence but can also create an attractive new image that could lead to romance or promotion at work – it may just make all the difference in success!

Men and women who could benefit most from a facelift include those whose skin has begun to sag due to genetics, weight loss or sun damage.

One of the hallmarks of attractiveness is having a defined jawline and strong facial contours such as smooth eyelids and cheeks. A facelift is one way to give these features, lifting away any sagging skin to create stronger jawlines that stand out.

People who have undergone facelift surgeries frequently report that those around them respond more favorably after surgery, which has an enormously positive effect on their confidence and willingness to explore new things in life.

Positive comments on your appearance can provide the impetus to modify unhealthy behaviors and begin living a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking or adding exercise into daily life.

Studies conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association demonstrated that facelift procedures are associated with greater levels of attractiveness, success, health and perceived age in casual observers – especially as there can be no accurate way of knowing an actual age of someone seen in photographs.

While these results can be extremely rewarding, it’s essential to remember that facelifts must only be performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons who possess the required expertise in order to achieve great outcomes. When contemplating having one done, do your research first and schedule a consultation appointment so your needs and concerns can be discussed with them beforehand.

You Feel Better

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“What will other people think about me after getting a facelift?” This question can be understandably raised, particularly after watching movies or TV shows where someone undergoes such surgery and appears significantly altered post-surgery.

Correctly performed facelifts can dramatically transform your appearance without altering it in ways you don’t wish. Tightening loose skin and trimming excess fat can have an immediate, dramatic effect on your appearance – giving you a younger, fresher appearance.

Facelifts can address several of the signs of aging, including sagging jowls and deep nasolabial folds. A facelift may also reduce double chin appearance and restore an attractive neckline.

Facelift surgery offers long-term relief from signs of aging. Depending on your unique goals and needs, multiple facelift procedures may be needed in order to attain desired results.

Facial skin that sags and lax areas may be due to decreased collagen production, leading to decreased elasticity over time and eventually leading to wrinkled, sagging areas on your face. Over time, your collagen levels start deteriorating, leading to decreased firmness and tone as the resultant effect being wrinkled skin that begins saggy or even wrinkled patches on your face.

Facelift surgery has become an increasingly popular solution to address such concerns and can help patients look younger and more attractive. A facelift aims to tighten skin and muscles of the face while also addressing any underlying structural concerns which might cause sagging skin or looseness in facial structures.

Under the care and supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon, facelifting will create an attractive, natural-looking rejuvenation of your face without creating an unnatural or windblown appearance. Your incisions will be hidden behind ears or hairlines so any scarring is nearly undetectable.

An awake facelift offers reduced bruising and swelling, making recovery much quicker and simpler. Most patients return to work or school within just days once most of the initial swelling has subsided and incisions have healed properly.

Get a facelift and you will experience increased energy and confidence! If you’ve been feeling run-down and fatigued, a facelift could give you the boost needed to take on new goals in life and conquer them with renewed vigor. Feeling great about yourself allows you to shine at work or social situations where assertiveness is required of you.

You Feel More Confident

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A fresh new look can give you the confidence to pursue more of what you want in life. Whether it be dating again or getting that promotion at work, a facelift can give you that feeling that anything is possible!

By staying committed to healthy diet and exercise habits, you may also feel more motivated to achieve long-term benefits for both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you when it is safe for you to resume normal activities, though expect some bruising and swelling to linger for several weeks following surgery as the healing process involves the release of toxins through incisions – this takes time for your body to process these substances and release them from your system.

Swelling and bruising can be reduced by applying ice to the affected area repeatedly, while your doctor will likely prescribe pain medications to address any ongoing discomfort. Over-the-counter remedies like ibuprofen may also provide effective relief from discomfort.

Undergoing a facelift requires plastic surgeons to lift loose facial tissues and tighten muscles in the lower part of your face. Small incisions will be made along the hairline, above each earlobe, and behind your earlobe in order to gain access to facial skin, fat deposits, and supportive tissues beneath.

Results of facelift surgeries usually last 5-12 years due to normal ageing processes; however, your results could last longer if you maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

A neck lift is another surgical treatment designed to restore the contours of sagging neck skin. Incisions are made behind each ear, below the chin, and in the natural folds around the neck in order to tighten fatty tissue and muscle layers and tighten skin tension.

This procedure can help remove excess skin on your neck that might be hiding your profile, providing a slimmer and younger-looking profile. This procedure may also be beneficial in reverseing signs of aging on their neck without resorting to full facelift procedures.