How Close is Online Gambling in Ohio to Being Legalized?

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Ohio is presently among the various states in the process of validating online gaming. Although residents and travelers in this state so far cannot access online casinos, they can still enjoy gaming online. Precisely, the state is home to multiple sweepstakes sites.

The platforms offer various gaming products, including video poker, lotteries as well as fantasy sports. Moreover, if the state’s lawmakers’ progress is anything to go by, then Ohio is unquestionably on the right path to authorizing some sorts of online activities.

Betting on Sporting Events

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Sports wagering may become permitted in this state soon. However, this depends on whether the current law seeking to pass sports betting is approved.

So far, the state’s House administrators have passed different measures to permit the state’s Lottery Commission to lead and legislate sports betting. The challenge is that the Senate law proposal is that the Ohio Casino Control Commission should lead the industry.

Lack of uniformity between the two has made it challenging for Ohio to reach a decision. Whereas the bills are still awaiting approval, you’ll be impressed to know that they both propose sports betting from handheld devices.

Hence, once they are signed into law, you can place bets at your convenience from your device. Ensuring mobile wagering is included in the final bill, Ohio aims to prevent the mistake made by early-adopting states whereby they refused to offer mobile betting to customers.

Online Casinos

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Ohio, as of now, doesn’t have legislation that seeks to validate online casinos. However, some speculations are that once betting on sporting activities becomes legal, legislators may work on laws to authorize online casinos.

Some jurisdictions where sports event betting has been adopted made provisions for alternative gaming like online poker as well as iGaming platforms. For Ohio, however, lawmakers haven’t publicly addressed the adoption of online gaming establishments.

The absence of state-based iGaming websites in Ohio forces the residents to look for alternatives. Most have joined offshore online casinos that accept gamers from this jurisdiction. Learn more about online gambling in Ohio from or

Legal Gaming Options

Poker is a typical game in the US, one that many gamers have grown to love. If you’re in Ohio and wondering if it’s possible to indulge in poker, you can. Another type of gaming available to partake in is fantasy sports.

In fact, these sports are dominant in Ohio’s betting industry, which indicates that people here would appreciate the possibility of betting on additional sports other than DFS. The sports, notably, have been permissible in Ohio since 2017.

Horse Race Wagering

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Betting on different races is presently legitimate in Ohio. Essentially, you’re permitted to wager on a selection of races. Moreover, if you would like to take your experience higher, you can visit the racetracks from where you watch races. If you want, you can also consider live betting.

Online Lotteries

You can play lotteries here, whereby the states Lottery Commission manages all the lotteries. In 2019, there were plans to establish card systems that would make it possible for you to purchase tickets to different lotteries online. However, this never came to pass.

Regardless, there are claims from lotteries officials that the proposed system might resume soon. Nonetheless, the exact time when this will happen is not yet precise since the commission hasn’t given a time frame. Despite the absence of this system, you can still buy coupons online.

The Ohio Lottery official website claims that the proposed Lottery Card System will resume shortly, though it hasn’t stated exactly when this will happen. In the stat, lottery operators have established smooth and seamless online apps, enabling players to buy lottery tickets online.

Notably, operators have established smooth and seamless online apps, allowing you to buy lottery tickets online. After your purchase, you go to local retailers where you print your lottery ticket. Presently, you can’t play online, but you can buy your tickets.

Accessing Games Online

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Online gaming remains illegitimate in Ohio, and as such, you must move to other states to enjoy casino gaming. Alternatively, you can join social casinos, only that you can’t place money wagers in these. The sites offer you various gaming products like table/card games, poker variants, and slots.

You play these games directly from your chosen website or social media platforms like Facebook. The utilization of real money is not allowed in social casinos. If you want to play using real funds, you have to cross state borders for offshore iGaming platforms.

Most sites usually have similar games, like slots, video/live poker, Baccarat, Keno, and Blackjack, among other selections. Others deliver games like bingo and scratchcards. Some even allow sports betting alongside the games, so you get everything under one roof.

Ohio Online Gaming Laws

Gambling authorization in Ohio is a tale between two periods.  In previous decades, Ohio was somehow directed by the unlawful period since it held a negative attitude towards gaming, more so over the internet.

Although offerings like bingo, poker, lotteries, horse racing, and lotteries have gradually made their way into the state’s regulatory realms, online casinos for a long time remained left out. Things, however, seemed to make a positive change in 2009. 

During then, a bill that cemented the way to discussions regarding casinos was enacted. Later in 2024, Ohio’s House accepted the bill seeking to legitimize sports wagering. The law differed from the Senate’s, hindering any of these from being signed. 

Events Timelines

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In 2019, several lawmakers introduced legislation to permit sports betting. Next, John Kasich, the state’s governor, approved the bill seeking to authorize fantasy sports back in 2017. While Ohio has previously had other key happenings related to gaming in casinos, most have dwelt on land-based establishments.

Ohio’s lawmakers have made several attempts to add different forms of licensed gaming to the existing state’s offerings. For close to two decades, the state hasn’t achieved much since online casino activities are still limited in the state.

The fact that this state does not consent to residents enjoying various gaming options makes many close state lines for iGaming amusement. Partly, through this, the state loses much of its gaming revenue to these websites.

Most importantly, the state’s iGaming guidelines are subject to amendment, and the policymakers can now see all the positive impacts of endorsed casino gaming. Hence, we hope the representatives will be open to legislation changes soon.