5 Ways to Preserve Your Phone’s Battery Life While Traveling – 2024 Tips

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We can see that smartphones represent an essential part of our everyday life. It goes without saying that we need them for a wide array of different activities we conduct every day. Since they are so essential, it would be best for them to be available 24/7. However, the technology is not at the level where you can use it without plugging it into the source of electrical power. 

Therefore, we need to plug them after a couple of hours of usage. When we are at our offices and homes, keeping it at the appropriate level is absolutely easy, and it doesn’t require too much effort from us. However, it is a whole other story if we are talking about the situation where we are traveling. This is a pretty often situation that leads our smartphones to turn off, especially if we are talking about long distances. Perhaps you should consider a free cell phone with no deposit and no activation fee, according to ResetTips.

In these situations, you are surely going to be without your phone, which means you cannot entertain yourself and you will not be able to perform some of the tasks that you possibly have. Just add to that the situation where you are visiting some remote location where you don’t have access to the power that can support your phone. 

So, the conclusion is that you must make the most out of the power you have on your hands. We can see there are some gadgets that can provide you with means to provide you with additional power while you are on a travel. If you are interested, you can visit Volta Charger, and see which of those can support you the most. In addition, there are other things that you can do to improve your battery life. Now, we would like to talk about them.

Airplane Mode

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As the name of the Airplane mode says, we are using this mode mostly for the situation where we are traveling by airplane. There are reasons for it, but since this is a topic for a whole another article, we are not going to get into the details now. Anyway, maybe you didn’t know, but this mode can be a really great power preserver. It doesn’t matter if you are not traveling by airplane, we encourage you to use it. 

The reason is, no matter where you are, your phone will automatically conduct a search for the nearest signal. Even after the signal is found, the phone will search for a better signal. So, it would be a good idea to turn it off since it would put a stop on the search. The thing that you actually do when you turn this mode is that you turn off cellular service.

Battery-Saver Mode

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The next thing we would like to discuss is the battery-saver mode. For most of the phones we have in this day and age, this is a pretty powerful mode that will preserve a pretty high percentage of your power. In case when this works, you will have a perfect opportunity to save some of your power for the moment you have the chance to recharge. 

For example, with this mode being on, you are limiting the performances to a certain level where you are not going to waste it on certain things that you don’t really need at a particular moment. It means that you are not going to waste power on unnecessary things. We can say that this is probably the most effective thing you can do to actually protect your power, especially when combining it with some other things that we named and that we are going to name later in the article.

Turning Off Location

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Surely, location services are probably the most useful of all the tools and apps you have on your mobile phone. Naturally, when you are in a foreign country or the city you don’t know, you use this one to find the location that you need. However, maybe you are not aware that this is a service that inflicts massive damage to your phone’s power. You are going to see that after you’ve used it.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you need to turn it off in case you are looking for ways to preserve the power. Especially in cases where you don’t really need it. Therefore, turning off these services is considered to be an absolute must. You should turn it only in the moments where you actually need it and immediately turn it off the moment you don’t need it.

Don’t Use Social Media Apps

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We should say, for those who are not aware, that social media apps are the ones that use the most of your power. This is the reason many people call them battery-killers. So, you need to completely avoid using it while you are on a trip. We know this is one of the most frequently used apps in the world, but we cannot stress enough how important this is.

Also, you should turn off the background app refresh since this is one of the most power-using things on your phone. So, you need to go to settings and choose the options that you present you will the opportunity to prevent the waste of power.

Have all the Content and Apps

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It goes without saying that downloading apps and content while you are on a trip is not a good idea. So, you need to prepare all the entertainment that you will need for your trip. Otherwise, if you download some things while you are on a trip, you will quickly see that this is not a good idea, mainly for the power of your smartphone. Surely, your batter will not last for long. 

So, before you leave the comfort of your home, you should download all of the things that you consider important for your trip. If you do it like this, you will literally kill two birds with one stone. Meaning that you will both have the content you are looking for on your phone and you will have the possibility of watching it offline. Therefore, you will not spend the power of streaming.