8 Reasons Why Parental Control Apps are Important in 2024

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Parental control is software that is used to protect the kids from malicious and harmful apps that are found on the internet. There are numerous games, articles, videos, and apps that can be harmful to your child. Therefore, parental control helps people to stop their children from accessing these websites. You can see the two categories of Parental control below

  • Filtering- A content filter blocks the website for a child from accessing adult websites or other inappropriate sites. These filters became very popular and were the first-ever used parental control software. It was first used on the internet but, nowadays, it is used in Televisions, GPS, Computer, etc.
  • Usage Control- This software limits or stops the usage of certain websites. Usage control is a software that is designed to monitor and arrange the apps or websites according to the user. By this practice, a young one cannot open a website that is not permitted by the user.

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The need for parental authority has increased over time. This is because nowadays, toddlers are mostly inclined towards inappropriate content on the internet. A recent study shows that there are about 70% of youngsters who are below 18 and are visiting pornographic sites regularly. Moreover, these controls will also protect from cybercrimes.

Reasons Why Parental Controls Are Needed

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There are numerous video games, operating systems, websites that are using parental control nowadays. Therefore, it is very easy to track whether your child is accessing an inappropriate thing or not. These are some reasons why parental control demand is increasing day by day.

1. Monitoring

Imagine your child is saying that he/she is learning from an online class. But, in the meantime, he/ she is accessing the pornographic website. It could be very disappointing to find out that your child is lying. Therefore, parental control can help you monitor your child’s activity. You can look for the best apps available online for the best results.

2. Prevent from inappropriate content searching

Nowadays, there are numerous websites available on the internet. It is up to your child, which one to open or not. But, here you can help your child to open a fair and appropriate website. Parental control websites like Google Safe Search can help you access good and formal websites.

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3. Block Features

There is a vast number of games available in the market. Toddlers love to play games on their mobile and computer. They always want to play what is trending in the market. But, some games can be inappropriate for a child to watch whether they can have heavy gore or nudity in their game. Many renowned gaming companies have preinstalled parental control software in their games, but you have to watch whether the game is safe for your child or not.

4. Tracking Feature

The parental Control software has another excellent feature of GPS. GPS or the Global Positioning System is a software that enables you to track the exact location of your child or family. It is very simple to use. You just have to allow the GPS option from the notification panel. It will automatically start sharing your child’s location.

5. Help you prevent a cyber attack

Cyber attacks are becoming very common nowadays. The hackers can steal your personal information and use it against you. Some effects of cyber attacks can be an unwanted transaction, mobile viruses, etc. These attacks are mainly possible due to the usage of unprotected apps and websites. Therefore, cyberattacks can be stopped by setting up firewalls. A firewall is a software that monitors online traffic and can save your mobile or computers from unwanted entries.

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6. Screen Time limit

Toddlers love to use mobile phones. They do not want anything if they have a mobile phone in their hand. They can spend hours playing games or surfing the internet. But, there are some problems related to this practice. Your child can have weakened eyesight due to prolonged use of the mobile phone. The harmful blue rays affect the receptors of the eyes and can even cause permanent blindness. Therefore, it is essential to set a screen time limit on your phone. This limit enables you to set a timer for your screen backlight. After the time is over, the screen will automatically shut down.

7. Data Backup

Imagine you are using your phone, and suddenly a virus or an unprotected app inside your phone removes all your data. Apart from viruses, imagine your child is using his/her phone for doing a project for school, and you want to see that project later. For that, it is essential to back up your mobile data. Parental control apps provide you data backup services through which you can back up all your precious data and can reinstall them whenever needed.

8. Increase in Familiarity

Parental control apps can provide you with the confidence to try new and improved apps and websites. In this way, you can get familiar with all the updated apps that are available in the markets. In other cases, there can be certain apps on your phone that your child uses. Therefore, it becomes challenging to search for those apps. Thus, the curiosity of using new apps may accidentally help you locate the app that your child is using.

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Bottom Line

Parental control has numerous functions. It helps you protect your data from a hacker; it can help you locate your family members; it can help you monitor the online activities of your child. Moreover, it can help you restrict the websites that are providing inappropriate content like pornography, explicit images, violent games, etc. So, if you want to protect your child from using inappropriate content, or want to save your family from a cyber attack, then go through your app stores and install a suitable parental control app now.