Penile Size and Lack of Confidence in Men – 2024 Tips

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Sex was always some sort of taboo subject in society for a long time. Even today, you can hear some controversial opinions about this subject. Yet, the fact is that sex is a normal thing for the entire world. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. People are no longer hiding how happy they are when their sex life is good. Logically, this is not the most important thing that will guarantee a happy relationship or marriage. However, it is one of the important factors that have an impact on the health of your relationship.

Still, this doesn’t mean that everything around sex is okay. Logically, men are those that are talking about it more than women even today. This probably counts because they are considered as “stronger” gender. However, this might be the truth when we talk about strength and muscles. Still, when we talk about self-confidence, we are not quite sure this is true.

Penile size is one of the reasons why men can have a problem with a lack of confidence. The bigger your penis is, they feel more proud. However, if you start believing that your penile size is small, then that could lead to some major problems.

This is a tough subject to talk about, especially if you have a problem with your confidence. Because of that, we want to share some tips that could make you feel better.

Don’t Listen to Stories

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We need to say one direct thing that might offend someone. However, we are here to be honest. Men like to lie when they talk about their penile size. This might seem like a silly thing. However, they believe that they are more valuable if people around them believe they have a big penis. This is something that men consider for centuries and it is not something new. Despite that, even if they have a bit bigger penis than usual, they will try to use their size in the best possible way.

The size of your penis is not making you more valuable. We all have different things to be proud of.

We believe that, because of that, some men would want to have the hugest penis in the world. They believe that they would attract many women in that way. However, have you ever heard about Johan Falcon? He is the person with the biggest penile size in the world. In many of his interviews, he said that his lifestyle is asexual and depressing. Having a big penis doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be good at sex.

Differences Aren’t Big

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We do not want to say that people with penile size problems do not exist. The size of your penis depends on many factors. Sometimes this is the work of nature and you were not able to control things like that. Yet, if you have a “normal” size penis, then you should not suffer from a lack of confidence.

First of all, your penis is fine. If someone has a bit lager penis then you, that doesn’t mean your penile size is not good. Indeed, we do not want to say that size is not important to women. However, the more important thing is how you will use the size that you got from nature. Sometimes people with larger sizes won’t know how to satisfy their partner in a good way. It depends a lot on how much energy you invest to make your partner happy in bed.

We had to mention this because many men have some sort of quiet competition. There are many things where they can compete, but this is the one that they are choosing often. There is no need for that.

You Can Improve Your Penile Size

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We completely understand if you want somehow to improve the size of your penis. Many men did that in the past and believe a lot of them will also do that in the future. This is especially understandable if you have the problems that we previously mentioned. Some people are simply born in that way and they need medical help. Besides that, others feel less confident and this seems to them like a perfect solution. Indeed, the lack of self-confidence will truly disappear if you decide on this move.

However, men have to be careful when doing that. Doing surgeries around your penis requires that the doctor you collaborate with is an expert. You do not want something bad to happen. The doctor has to have enough experience in a job like this.

You can find a lot of the online that are guaranteeing high-quality service. Logically, not all of them are telling the truth. Because of that, we would want to give you some directions. For instance, Dr.Elist and the people that he collaborates with are worth your attention. We recommend you visit his website and get familiar with the entire procedure of penis enlargement.

Improve Your Physical Activity and Strength

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As we said, penis enlargement truly brings some benefits to your confidence. It might make you a more attractive person, but that doesn’t mean you will be a better lover. Because of that, the influence of physical activity is something that you need to be aware of.

Your sex life will be much better if you are constantly doing some exercises. For instance, for the improvement of your cardio, we recommend you run or go hiking. These two things will give you more energy to be better during sex. Despite that, going to the gym or doing certain exercises at home will boost your strength. These two things, together with the size of your penis, are the most important ones for women. In other words, these three solutions will make your sex life more amazing.

Bonus Tip: Forget about Bad Experiences

This is something that we need to say for the end of this article. Many people lose their confidence because of bad experience in sex. For example, they were not able to achieve or maintain their erection with their ex. Because of that, they got some negative comments (which is rude) from that person. They were afraid to try to have sex again with other women because they believed something like that will happen again.

We gave you three methods of how your sex life will improve. Automatically, your confidence will improve as well. Are you willing to try them out?