Finding Natural Relief From Stress and Anxiety in 2024

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It’s no secret that the larger amount of the world’s population suffers from ongoing stress and anxiety. When considering the constantly struggling economy, increasingly competitive job market, and ever-rising debt among most of us, it’s no wonder 1 in every 3rd professional likely battles stress and anxiety symptoms regularly. What’s more, most of us prefer to avoid commercial medications, especially when considering the harsh side effects often associated with these types of treatments.

If you don’t prefer medications, one way to cope with stress and anxiety is through counseling. If you are constantly feeling overpowered by stress or having panic attacks, anxiety counselling may be the answer to individuals suffering from stress and anxiety. Check out this page for more information regarding anxiety therapy, how you can cope and find therapists who can help you with this issue.

However, thanks to the rapid rise of natural remedies, there are several other solutions to consider that won’t impair your physical and mental abilities and the potential side effects of natural solutions are more often than not, exceptionally mild. Even though natural remedies raise little concerns for side effects, it is still recommended to investigate potential side effects and evaluate ingredient lists on supplements. With insights from experts from BetterHelp, we decided to create this article to help those who are currently confronted with overpowering symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The following natural remedies are tried and tested for effective results and little to no concerning side effects.

Medicinal Marijuana Products

Medical marijuana is all the rage right now, and this is partially because the legal status has recently changed. However, it is mostly because the plant has shown exceptional results for treating various medical conditions that affect both the body and the mind.

When using marijuana products to enjoy relief from stress and anxiety, there are several aspects you should consider, according to Wiki Leaf, such as which strain would be best between Indica or Sativa, as well as considering the use of products formulated from one of the two ain sister compounds of the plant; THC or CBD. Sativa and Indica are the two main strains and use of these strains is usually through smoking, edibles, or trinkets.

However, THC and CBD products are mostly available in capsules and oil formulations of high quality, which is often what allures non-smokers. Marijuana use for anxiety and stress is among the most common and popularly boasts benefits of the plant.

Ashwagandha Root

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Ashwagandha root is as rural as it may sound as the natural remedy has been used for centuries. While the most notable effects of this easy to find natural supplement is its ability to induce calm and relaxation, it also offers a list of other incredible benefits, such as reduced blood sugar levels, anticancer properties, reduced cortisol levels, and others.

However, the supplement is most commonly used as an ongoing natural treatment for anxiety, stress, and even symptoms of depression. Ashwagandha root is often formulated with CBD oil to maximize positive results when treating stress and anxiety. However, because natural remedies can often raise concerns of allergy reactions, it is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to testing out any natural remedies.


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Chamomile tea has been enjoyed as a sleep time tea throughout the ages and the relaxing results are the reason most of us have this tea in our kitchens. Even though chamomile tea is best for inducing sleep, the effects will also reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. However, combining the use of chamomile supplements or teas along with another natural relaxation remedy, such as lavender aromatherapy, would enhance the effective results.

These remedies are usually recommended to form a constant sleep routine as the body and mind will be able to effectively unwind through a relaxing routine. What’s more, there are virtually no relevant side effects to worry about when using chamomile or lavender products to enhance feelings of calm and relaxation, making them perfectly safest solutions.

Lemon Balm

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Lemon balm may be a natural remedy that is somewhat underrated, although clinical studies have provided some pretty impressive results for this natural stress and anxiety aid. After using the remedy for just one week, a group of volunteers showed results that include an improved mood in general along with an enhanced sense of calm and relaxation.

As calm and relaxation are the two main effects you are looking for when treating stress and anxiety, a daily dosage of about 600mg of lemon balm is widely considered an effective treatment. However, treatment is best daily and it should also be ongoing for maximum effective results.


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Thanks to valerian supplements’ uncanny ability to induce calm and relaxation, it is commonly used to treat sleep conditions with a most natural approach. However, when using this natural supplement for stress and anxiety, a lower dosage would be best as inducing sleep would not entirely be the main goal. However, several studies confirm that valerian root is a fantastic choice for stress and anxiety treatment as well as sleep-related disorders.

Exercise And Physical Activity

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One of the most overlooked treatments for stress and anxiety is leading a healthy lifestyle and incorporating ample exercise and physical activity. While a healthy diet is definitely recommended, exercise encourages the human brain to release endorphins that can result in an enhanced sense of well-being. For this reason, countless fitness fanatics develop a need for ongoing gym visits as the brain can become dependent on the endorphin release and its effects. Therefore, it is recommended to cap your exercise and ease your body into the change while avoiding situations where you are pushing your body too far.

Healthy Diet

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A healthy diet is recommended by almost every healthcare practitioner out there, and for good reason. Not only will you be able to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients from a balanced diet, but you will also be able to enjoy a maximized sense of well-being. Incorrect diet has undeniable effects on the brain that can often lead to symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Therefore, adjusting your eating plan and consuming certain superfoods, such as avocado and blueberries, means you will actually be helping your brain function at its best. Ideally, you should be getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients from your diet before looking into treatments for stress and anxiety as a bad diet could genuinely be at the core of the issue.