5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Laser Hair Removal


When it comes to beauty, we will not stop at anything to achieve it. It does take a lot but eventually, some of you end up reaching that goal you have in your mind and from there you are happy with what you achieved.

The topic of today is the hair and the methods, or rather a method, of its removal. When it comes to hair, we all know, ladies especially, that there are several methods we can use to get rid of hair in unwanted places. Some of those methods are permanent some are not, some are painful others painless, it all depends on what you think is comfortable and safe for you.

Lasers are nothing new in medicine, therapy or when it comes to beauty but some make it more easily than others. We all associate lasers with health issues and sci-fi movies where you can get disintegrated with one, but when it comes to these lasers are very effective and safe. Lasers are reliable, sophisticated and more importantly, FDA approved methods of healing, therapy work and removing hair permanently, without any issues for a human. It has become so safe and common that we have home edition laser hair removals that you can buy and use on yourself in the comfort of your home whenever you want. If you want to see a prime example of that then visit this website.

Now let’s talk a bit about are advantages and disadvantages of using this type of hair removal method:



1. It takes time

Anyone who thinks that this process is fast is kidding themselves. It takes a lot of time, a lot of sessions and a lot of appointments if you are doing this professionally. The laser hair removal devices you can buy are a bit better because you can choose the time when and for how long will you be doing this. The professionals will have you sit or lie for certain periods and you always have to plan.

2. It is expensive

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Laser hair removal therapy is expensive, but there is a solution. Professionals will charge a hefty penny for this process and you will need to do several appointments if you want to make sure that the hair removal therapy is successful. The fact is that today it is a bit more acceptably looking at price because many beauty parlours are doing this so competition I bigger than 5 or 10 years ago. The alternative to crowded parlours, pin-point appointments and multiple sessions is that you pay a one-time fee and get yourself a laser hair removal device.

3. It can leave scars and burns

Although this is FDA approved to use and although it is as safe as it gets, you need to know what you are dealing with and how to use this the proper way. If you are untrained and if you are going to someone that is not a professional at this then there are potential mistakes that can be made leading to burning of a particular region on the body that can later cause excessive scarring. Train caution with this at all times.

4. Do not use this if you are pregnant

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Pregnant people should take care of themselves and their babies as much as possible and anything that is not 100% safe should be avoided. This as well. The fact is that lasers have been successfully used to treat kidney stones or to neutralize and take down things like warts, on both pregnant women and those that aren’t, doctors all around strongly advise not to undergo this therapy if you are or you are suspecting that you are pregnant. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5.Skin tone

As many have found out, these laser hair removal therapies work on both skin tones but better results have been obtained from fair skin and much darker hair follicles. There is something that goes on with the laser and its ability to recognize a hair instead of a skin part and so on. Not a big deal but you should lower your expectation if your skin tone is a bit darker.



1. Permanent hair removal

We all know how pesky hair can be in certain areas and constant shavings, waxing and other treatments can lead to irritation, more strong hairs and pretty much exhaustion of you. This therapy is the key and the solution for this and thanks to it you can enjoy hairless regions on your body for extended periods.

2. It covers all parts of your body


Laser hair removal therapy is safe for all parts of your boy and depending on the machine doing this, you can easily cover larger areas pretty fast. This is a huge win, especially for the ladies that know how hard can certain hairs be removed from very demanding and difficult parts of the body. These are perfect because you don’t have to bother much and you don’t have to spend much time on this.

3. It doesn’t hurt

The best thing about these laser hair removal therapies is that they do not hurt. Nothing can compare to the pain felt when you are ripping tens of hairs at the same time from a small patch of skin. This comes like a child’s play after that and there are plenty of different devices that offer soothing cooling functions that add to the comfort of everything.

4. The darker and thicker the hair is the better

As we mentioned in the cons, certain body tones and hair follicles aren’t the best candidates for this. You can do the laser hair removal therapy but the results will not be as good as you would expect. Those that have pretty light skin tone and darker and thicker hairs can expect awesome and the most long-lasting results.

5. There are different lasers

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Why is this so important, especially as an advantage?! Well since we mentioned that darker skin tones and lighter and thinner hairs will not be treated with much success, we are glad to inform you that you should always ask about the type of laser your therapist is using on your skin! The reason for that is that there are lasers that work best for lighter skin, there are those that do better with darker skin tones and there are lasers that are considered to be all-rounders and that can successfully tackle all skin types and tones and all hair type, thickness and colours.