8 Items Security Guards Carry to Keep You and Your Assets Safe

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Security guards play a noble and important role in keeping you safe. Whether you hire a private security guard or someone to watch over your assets and property, you want to ensure they’re equipped with the proper equipment and tools to protect you. Certain precautions can be very effective in keeping the crime and danger of any kind far away. Besides keeping you safe, security guards also need to ensure they’re protected at all times because only then will they be able to do their job correctly. With that in mind, we’ve asked experts from Alert Patrol to let us in on the subject and ease the process of choosing suitable security guards for you:

What personality traits should your security guard have?

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The roles of security guards are numerous, from protecting a single person, a home, or a business property, to serving a whole community or events. Besides carrying protective equipment, they also need to have a few essential personality traits to do their job as effectively as possible. For instance, they should be alert at all times and ready to react appropriately in any situation. They should take time to get to know who or what they’re protecting, which allows them to notice anything suspicious quickly. Security guards should have good communication skills but also be able to stay calm and rational if a situation arises. Physical strength and fitness should also be something to look for when hiring security guards.

Security guard equipment that can effectively protect you

No matter their workplace, security guards should always have a few essential pieces of equipment that can help them de-escalate any risky situations and protect communities or premises. These protective items include:

1. Flashlight or a penlight

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Guards use flashlights whenever it gets too dim to see, or there are poor lighting sources. A flashlight is a crucial piece of equipment to have when patrolling unlit areas or analyzing suspicious activity. It’s also suitable for looking into dark corners or under vehicles without getting too close. Security guards can shine it over the area and see what’s there before approaching it, and the light emitted from these devices can be seen up to two miles away.
A hands-free flashlight can be especially helpful when dealing with potential risks because security guards can keep both their hands available while having a helpful light source. Such flashlights have clips so they can be attached to clothing for hands-free operation.
A penlight is essentially a small flashlight used to provide visibility in unlit areas. It is somewhat different from the standard flashlight since it uses a white light beam, making it easier to see what they’re doing when writing reports or searching dark areas for evidence.

2. Walkie-Talkies and Cellphones

Security guards need to have mobile phones on them to report incidents to their managers or other superiors. In some cases, employers may not be able to cover the cost of mobile phones, or they need to provide security personnel with more than one phone. In such situations, walkie-talkies can be used for communication instead. The guards also use it to keep multiple people throughout the building updated on any incidents.

In addition to mobile phones and walkie-talkies, security guards often rely on other communication tools. For instance, CB radios are a popular choice, especially for larger premises where long-range communication is essential. These radios allow guards to stay in touch over greater distances, which is crucial in emergencies. Finding the best cb shop in USA is important for security teams to ensure they get reliable and durable equipment. This is especially true in environments where guards need to communicate across different floors or buildings. Furthermore, CB radios often come with features that are not available on standard mobile phones or walkie-talkies, such as weather updates and emergency channels, adding an extra layer of preparedness in critical situations.

3. Pepper Spray

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Pepper spray is a piece of self-defense equipment that can help guards against threats without imposing severe bodily harm. When faced with challenging or dangerous situations, it’s usually tricky to make the right decision. Security guards can use pepper spray instead, allowing them to hinder their attackers without posing a threat to innocent bystanders.

4. Security Baton

Guards may carry batons and other defense items for quick access if the need arises. These devices are often more effective than, for example, pepper spray in suppressing dangerous people. In some cases, security batons may be the only security equipment required by law. If needed, they can also be used as a defense measure to fend off attackers or criminals.

5. Keys, Radio & Earpiece

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Security guards often need to open gates or doors during their patrols. Therefore, they need to carry keys with them to ensure they have access to any part of the premises they protect. The radio is good for communicating with other security officers working in the same area. However, the walkie-talkies or cellphones are more adequate if the distance between the guards is too great.

Security guards can use the earpiece to communicate privately with someone without talking loudly or making it obvious that communication occurs. This is useful for directing other guards to do something in a discreet manner or take specific actions without attracting the attention of other people.

6. Clothing

Security guards wear uniforms with their company’s logo, which differentiates them from the rest of the crowd. Such uniforms can also help security personnel deter potential threats since even their apparel can scare wrongdoers away.

7. Pen and Paper

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A pen and paper may seem like a strange item to include in this list, but they can come in handy for many reasons, and one of them is to take notes during a day at work. Security guards can write down anything for future reference and document anything they can report to their supervisor or the person who hired them.

8. Camera

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A camera can be an excellent source of evidence, especially when security guards work in areas that aren’t covered with video surveillance. They can use it to immediately record notable events, suspects, and items, as well as capture vehicles.


Security guards have numerous responsibilities, including carrying numerous pieces of equipment that can keep you, your community, and your premises safe. Without the above-listed items, it would be much more challenging for them to do their job and protect themselves and others. When looking to hire security guards, you should also consider their level of experience, training, and the ability to use their equipment correctly. With that in mind, we strongly suggest you take some time to get familiar with what you get from each company you consider, rather than make a decision based on a price.