PG vs Independent House in Bangalore: Why Living in a PG is Cost-Effective – 2024 Tips

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For individuals who are stepping out of their homes to new cities for studies and work opportunities, finding rented accommodation can prove to be a very daunting task. This is particularly true for youngsters who are looking for quality accommodation that meets the quality of life they enjoyed at home. The greater part of the students’ and single working professionals’ search is for value for money accommodation that provides them easy access to essential services, for example, wifi, TV, food. AC, security, etc.

At times, people are stuck between whether to choose a PG or a rented apartment.

Let us see some of the things that will assist you in making the most appropriate choice according to  your needs:


If you are moving to Bangalore, choosing a PG in Bangalore will be a good option, as it will be more affordable than an independent house in terms of space rent. Furthermore, it becomes more affordable as the entirety of your costs gets shared amongst the other housemates. Independent houses are commonly costlier due to higher floor space and are commonly favored by families. You can check out sites like for more information.

Social Security

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It is in every case better for a solitary occupant to live in a PG as you get social security and live with different flatmates as a family. Indeed, even if there’s any urgency or an occurrence of a crisis, you are in safe hands. Moreover, you don’t really have to manage household chores, so you’ve more time for yourself.

Likewise, from a safety perspective, PGs in Bangalore are progressively secure since it is usually a part of a society or the proprietor for the most part remains on another floor of a similar building. Also, if the latter isn’t the case then PGs usually have a provision of security guards to look after the same. In independent houses, the inhabitants need to deal with their security themselves.

Basic Amenities

Essential services like TV, fridge, AC, geyser, etc are offered in a PG which implies that you need not spend extra on buying these things. This is not at all like in an independent house. Some PGs even give additional services like wi-fi, laundry, etc so consumers can manage daily living needs easily. In an independent house, all the furnishings and different services are brought together by the inhabitants themselves.


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In high-paced city life, it can be hard to set aside time for household tasks. Since people are occupied with their studies or job requirements, or even wish to spend more time on personal needs, they don’t wish to be caught up in fulfilling daily living needs. For them, leasing a PG can be a superior decision since all the essential services directly from cleaning the house to the maintenance of buildings are taken care of by the proprietor. In an independent house, managing everything – from utility bills to calling for household assistance must be borne at your own expense.

All-inclusive services

Be it preparing meals or tidying up space, a branded PG deals with all these for you, removing the pressure of keeping up with everyday living needs and arranging every service on your own. Some of the managed accommodation offers a wide scope of civilities for all your lifestyle needs, similar to food and housekeeping, laundry services, internet facilities, transportation, and even have some unique touches like food vending machines on-premises for when you need a quick bite.

No additional utility charges

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An independent loft may appear to be a decent recommendation, with some even accessible at a lesser expense. In any case, have you figured in all extra everyday costs including utility bills which can cause your financial plan to go for a throw? Likewise, it is very troublesome to track and take care of month to month tabs for power, water, gas, and so forth, where any postponement may prompt extra charges or removing your services! With a PG set-up, every one of these costs is not your trouble. It’s taken care of in advance by the PG owners.


Food is one of the greatest concerns for any person who’s moving out of his or her house because they are not going to have their typical ‘home-cooked food’ anymore. It might be one of their parent’s concerns as well. But, when you put up in managed accommodation, all these things are taken care of in advance. They already have a cook on board who provides you the meal of three times and you can just simply tell them whatever you wish to have and they’ll cook it for you. In this manner, your food-related concerns are taken care of in a PG, whereas a person living in an independent house will have to deal with it on its own. They’ll have to cook the meal for almost three times a day and will also have to take care of quick bites too.

Network expansion

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For many individuals, the idea of being far away from family can be upsetting. In any case, you’ll discover another family through the new bond that you’ll form in your apartment. You’ll regularly be feasting, talking, and spending time with the individuals in your house, and in light of the fact that you’re all here for a similar reason. you’ll be experiencing a common encounter. This implies you will consistently have somebody to converse with, which can be an incredible solution for achiness to go home. This is lagged when a person puts up in an independent apartment.

These are some of the reasons that one should opt for PG accommodations instead of independent houses. Also, if you are juggling between the two, opt for managed accommodations. An interesting new solution for those looking to find a great place to stay, these new-age managed accommodations are economical too. They are designed to be a community living experience where all your daily living needs – from fully furnished residence spaces to food, WiFi, laundry, housekeeping, security, etc are taken care of. Also, they ensure you don’t have to worry about additional utility bills or maintenance requirements.