Pool in Your Home: Guide on How to install it

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Is there a better feeling than getting home after work or after that tough test at school and just jump in your own pool to cool down a bit? A swimming pool is surely one of the best ways to reduce the overall stress in your family all while increasing the resale value of your home.

Also, if you feel like something is missing in your backyard and instead of spending thousands of dollars on boring outside furniture, you can add a pool.

However, it can get a bit complicated when you consider how many different options there are and the different ways of installing them. So, before you finally decide whether you need it or not, you should do some extensive research to find out how much it will cost you, how long will it take to install it and a bunch of other factors.

Here are some tips that can guide you through the whole process of buying and installation.

What type of pool is the right one for you?

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If you do not want to deal with the expensive and long process of installing an in-ground pool and you do not care for aesthetics, you should consider getting an above ground pool.

Sure, in-ground ones are much prettier when properly installed into your backyard, they do come in all types of colors, sizes and are much longer-lasting, but they certainly are the most expensive too. If you are planning to excavate a hole for a pool expect that you will need more than $10,000 for the whole process.

An above the ground models can usually be installed by just one person and the prices for such models start somewhere around $1000. With it, you will be able to easily assemble it and disassemble if whenever you want. However, with in-ground types, you can easily choose the type of material you want to be used, the depth, the size, and many other aesthetic aspects.

Choose the right company

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If you have finally decided that it is time for an in-ground one, you have to be prepared for the difficult task ahead of you. If you want your pool to be properly installed then you should definitely consider a contractor who will be able to gather information about your requirements and your backyard situation.

A good contractor will take measurements of your backyard, will find information about all the possible underground lines such as gas, electricity or water, and will order all the needed materials and equipment for the process. Our advice is that you avoid professionals who claim that they offer the same quality for much cheaper prices.

The reality is that the work for installing a pool is expensive and the materials are to, there is no way around that. With a cheap contractor, you may feel like everything is done correctly, but the real damage can be seen after a few years when the materials start giving in.

Always do a background check on the company or contractor you are planning to pick.

Find the right location in your backyard

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While it might seem that when installing an in-ground pool all you have to think about is the aesthetics, there is actually a lot more to it. Yes, the look of the final product is important, but it is also important what is underground. If there are big rock formations under the ground that might cost you a lot of money.

There is also the possibility that certain water pipes or electricity are running right under your house which can be a bit problematic when you want to excavate. You will also want to consider whether there is enough area around the pool so people can walk around without falling into the pool. If you have small children you should also consider whether you will have a clear view from the inside of your children swimming.


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There are various features you could add to your pool to get a much better experience. You will probably get offered the option to add in heaters that will keep the water warm up for you during those early spring days. You could also consider adding smart features to automate your maintenance process just by using your phone or your computer. Check this to find out about all the possibilities with a smart pool.

Decide on the size

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Since in-ground models offer you the freedom to choose any kind of shape you want and any size you want, it is time to decide which size will be perfect for your home. You do not want to go with something too small and end up disappointed in the end. But you also do not want to go with a shape that is too big and then end up in a debt because of the huge expenses.

Get a rope or a hose and put it at the edges of the location you want your pool to be installed in. By doing this you are getting a clear view of how much space it will take up and whether it is big enough for you. If you have a smaller space in your backyard we recommend that you go for a round shape instead of a rectangular one.

Get ready for bigger electricity bills

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It is not always just about the bills you have to pay during the digging and installation process. You also have to think about the expenses after you have finally set-up the pool in your backyard.

The electricity bills during the summer days will be considerably higher because the water has to be constantly pumped through a filter. You will also need to think about the monthly costs for chemicals that are used to keep the water safe and clear from any bacterias or algae.

If you do not have a plan to spend at least a couple of hours a day to maintain this new body of water in your home you should consider the price of professional pool maintenance. Companies who offer such services usually price their visits somewhere around $50.