Top 8 Signs It’s Time for Professional Tree Removal

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Falling trees can be a huge potential safety hazard for people all across the country, especially when homeowners miss the signs that a tree might be in trouble. If you’re not paying attention you could wake up to a disaster on your hands with significant damage to your home or other structures.

According to the professionals at, once you notice signs of disease or damage, professional tree removal services should be called as soon as possible. Experts can assess the issues and determine what the best course of action should be.

Not sure what you should be looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top eight signs that your tree is in trouble and you may need a removal service.

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1. Visibly Dead Looking

Most people don’t add trees to their yard so that they’ll add a spooky element with their empty branches and decaying look. Instead, they likely want full, beautiful benches that are covered in leaves and provide additional shade.

More than being unattractive, signs of death in your tree are the most obvious indication that you likely need to remove it.

Once a tree has started to die, it’s very difficult to nurse them back to life and they become a significant potential hazard as the roots loosen their hold in the ground. A dead tree is much more likely to fall and cause damage, so it should be removed as soon as possible to avoid that!

2. Holes in the Trunk

As they grow, they rarely follow a uniform pattern which is one of the most endearing things about them. They’re all unique and have individual quirks that make them special in their own way. But sometimes those one-of-a-kind elements can be signs of trouble within.

Holes in the trunk are an indication that the tree is sick, and maybe even hollow inside. Those things make a very unstable tree and should be cause for a quick inspection to determine if removal is necessary.

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3. No New Growth in Areas

A strong, healthy tree will have fairly even growth throughout all of the branches. There might be some inconsistencies here and there but overall, it will look pretty uniform in the size and shape of the branches and leaves.

When you step back and look at your tree and notice it’s growing lopsided or some areas don’t seem to have any new growth on them, chances are there’s some kind of sickness affecting that area. In that circumstance, it’s a good idea to get a expert out to assess what’s going on and treat the infected area to try to save the tree if possible.

4. Leaning to One Side

Obviously, the ideal tree is growing straight up with a sturdy trunk to hold it in place. Those that are weak or having issues with their roots will often begin to lean to one side or the other. You can clearly see how that’s an indication of a problem and tree removal services may be needed.

A tree leaning to one side is one of the more difficult problems to fix and one that’s hard to catch early on, so removal is often the best remedy.

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5. Decaying Roots

Speaking of the roots, decaying tree roots is one of the biggest safety issues you can experience.

For a wide variety of reasons, like excess moisture or fungus, roots can become soft and they won’t have the ability to grip the ground to stabilize the tree above. This means it isn’t hooked to the ground and has a higher chance of falling if there’s an outside force like wind.

Since the roots are so difficult to see, it’s a good idea to have your trees regularly inspected by professionals to try to catch these issues quickly.

6. Tangled Branches

Branches certainly don’t grow in an organized manner but when you start to see that they’re becoming tangled and extra intertwined, it’s a symptom of possible disease.

The problem with these intertwined branches is that they begin to rub together too much and cause vulnerabilities where infection and sickness can come in. This is where problems can get in and then spread throughout the whole tree to the point where you’ll be searching for “tree removal near me”.

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7. Major Storm Damage

There’s nothing we can do to save your trees from experiencing severe storms and most of the time they’re well-equipped to handle the weather. But occasionally, a larger storm causes enough damage to where it is unsafe and needs to be removed.

As you’re doing your post-storm inspection, look for signs that it’s been uprooted or major damage has been done to the main branches. These are the tell-tale signs that you’re going to have to remove the tree because it’s beyond repair and has the potential to cause even more damage to your property.

8. Too Close to Structures

When trees are planted, it’s impossible to know exactly what shape they’ll take as they grow and where their roots will spread out too. For that reason, they often become too close to structures for comfort.

Roots have a terrible way of finding pipes or foundations and wreaking havoc. They can require you to do expensive repairs if not taken care of quickly enough. That’s why it’s best to remove a tree if it’s too close to your home or other structures, even if it appears healthy.

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Signs It’s Time for Professional Tree Removal

There’s really nothing like a big, beautiful tree in your landscaping, between the shade and the beauty they add it’s difficult to let one go. But tree removal can sometimes be the best option for maintaining a healthy property.

Working with tree professionals is the best way to make sure your trees are as strong and happy as possible. They’ll monitor issues, do seasonal trimming and pruning, and take care of any removal that’s necessary. You can feel confident knowing someone with expert knowledge is helping you have the best tree landscaping possible.

If you’re in need of any help with the trees on your property, contact a local professional today and set up a consultation!