Pros and Cons of Having an Air Conditioner in your Home  

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Today we’re all pretty accustomed to having an AC at home and a workplace. Hot summer days are much more bearable when the air conditioner is on. We can now drastically decrease the temperature in a room which is both a good and a bad thing. While the AC can make us more comfortable, more productive, more focused, and happier, it can also cause some health issues. However, that only happens when we use the air conditioner wrong. Creating a huge difference between the room and the outside temperature can be damaging to our health. That’s why today we’re going to talk about the benefits and dangers of using an air conditioner.


  • It saves us from extreme heat

Extreme heat isn’t just uncomfortable and makes us sweat, it can also be very dangerous for us. Many people collapse and even die each year due to extreme heat. In the period from 1979 until 2015 the number of deaths caused by heat was over 9000. That means sitting in your room with the AC on during heat waves can save your life.

  • It makes us more comfortable, productive and keeps us in a better mood

When you’re hot, you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s highly unpleasant, you’re sweating, and you’re upset. That takes away your attention from the other more important things you could be doing. That’s why the AC is so practical and helpful. If you feel comfortable in your own skin that isn’t so wet all of the time, you will be in a better mood and more focused.

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  • It increases the quality of air

Air conditioners that are properly installed and maintained can even improve the quality of air in the room. The air filtering process that happens in the AC provides us with a cleaner and safer air free from allergens such as pollen and dust. On this website, you can find more info about how air conditioner can help you and all about its proper maintenance and installation.

  • It dries the air

The moisture in the air can be damaging for certain electrical components, art pieces, and furniture. The air conditioner is then installed to help prevent these issues by drying the air.


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The main disadvantages of air conditioners are due to irresponsible use. Often people decrease the temperatures too much and their bodies go through a shock trying to accommodate. Also, if the AC isn’t properly installed and maintained it can be harmful to our respiratory systems. The room needs to be ventilated, the AC filters cleaned, and the AC checked regularly. Some people who wear contact lenses can also experience some eye issues if they’re sitting right in front of the air conditioner. It can dry the lenses and expose the eye to all sorts of different infections.

Other than being a threat to our health, air conditioners are an environmental problem as they’re producing greenhouse gases. Some older models of air conditioners also use a lot of power and can increase your electric bill drastically.

That being said, there is no doubt that there are much more benefits. However, we should keep in mind that lowering temperature too much is not the solution and even though you might feel great at the moment, it will not reflect well if you need to get out on the scorching heat.