6 Top Python Libraries

Python important libraries

People often feel worried and tense when they hear the term “Hacking”.It refers to the actions that seek to compromise digital devices like mobile phones, computers, tablets or complete networks. However, hacking is not always done for malicious purposes; nowadays, most hacking is done for spying, financial gain or something for fun. You might feel, ” How is hacking related to Python?”. Ethical hacking is the procedure of detecting vulnerability activities in the system, such as deleting files or stealing information from unauthorized persons. Python is the first preference for ethical hackers and security professionals as it is versatile, and a wide range of libraries are easily available that could be used in ethical hacking. It is a rapidly growing programming language all over the globe. So, in this blog, we will explore the best python libraries for hacking that are most suitable for ethical hacking.

How Python Is Associated With Ethical Hacking?

Python enables programmers to develop multisets of pre-combined forms and code libraries which further make the python script more secure and comprehensive. Apart from the application of python language in machine learning, web development and data science, it is used by the cybersecurity department and hackers to determine and identify compromising security protocols and break into the computer network. This language is used by ethical hackers to make effective hacking techniques and tools that can identify the vulnerabilities and malware that decrease the efficiency of the system with the assistance of the python scripts. Python libraries decrease the loads of writing the codes from scratch. Ethical hackers can use these formulated code libraries to make their work easier. Ethical hacking is performed when there is a possibility of threats to the computer networks and security gets compromised with illegal or unidentified access to systems.

6 Top Python Libraries For Hacking

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Python is incredibly popular due to its extremely strong yet simple-to-use libraries that are readily available to developers. Nothing compares to the fact that developers’ life becomes incredibly simple with these libraries, which are available across a variety of areas. For instance, artificial intelligence has a PI touch-intensive loop, while data science has pandas, matplotlib, NumPy etc. Here we will explore hacking libraries for hacking, each of which has a specific name and purpose.

1. Requests

It assists the developers in enabling more user-friendly HTTP requests. It is also quite simple to use. The responsive objects it returns consist of the information on encoding, content and status. It is a module that can be used to send any type of HTTP request, and it has capabilities like supplying parameters in the URL and custom headers. It is one of the most popular Python libraries, with more than 400,000 downloads daily, and it is a user-friendly HTTP library, as mentioned on the official documentation page. Python requests are widely used because they eliminate the need for developers to manually add the queries to the URLs and form-encode post data.

2. Cryptography

This type of library can help with the description and encryption of the data sets. The library consists of the primitive supported by Python 2.6-2.7 and Python 3.3+. It includes the amalgamation of 2 layers, namely safe cryptographic recipes, which needs minimum configuration options. Another one is the low-level cryptography that can cause your work too if used in the incorrect manner. The help of effective codes such as the python library secures the information of the user. It consists of the generation of the digital signature, random number, hashing and stream ciphers.

3. Python-Nmap

Nmap is a type of network scanner device that works on the principle of IP packets for identification of the devices on information and network regarding OS. The library assists the system admin in automating the work of scanning the reports that support the Nmap script outputs. Nmap assists you in discovering and identifying hosts of detect and networks,  the application name and version number working on any remote appliance.

4. Impacket

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The library is made up of Python scripts that help with network protocol development and ensure low-level programming access to other packets and protocol implementation. Raw data may be converted into packets, and deep hierarchical protocols can operate well because of the API. Impacket aims to simplify programming duties for programmers so they may operate within a framework and adhere to specific conventions.

5. Scapy

The device manages network packets, assisting with discovering probing, tracing, scanning, routing, and networks. Scapy can be customized and offers a variety of features in addition to packet sniffing. It may be used with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It displays decoded packets with user-dependent interpretation. Scapy aims to provide some resemblance between low-level network programming and high-level protocols.

6. Pylibnet

A libnet packet injection library makes sure that sending packets, displaying libcap traces, and providing a python API for libnet packets are all functioning. These Python libraries are most effective for ethical hacking. Tech organizations prefer python because of its safe algorithms and adaptability. Python has become very popular in recent years. It’s simple, all-purpose syntax that can be utilized in a wide range of programming fields has made it popular among developers and hackers of large corporations.

Source: pressable.com


Over the past decade, the Python programming language has become very popular globally. It’s a general-purpose language, which can be utilized in a wide range of programming disciplines, which makes it most sought after among developers and ethical hackers.And the open source libraries are essentially used for all python based projects. Although there are more python libraries for hacking, the ones mentioned above are the most appropriate for ethical hacking.

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