Quaden Bayles is a Fraud?

Image source: thenypost.com

The world went derailed by a heartbreaking story of an Australian 9-year old boy Quaden Bayles, who suffers from dwarfism and was extensively a bullying target for his classmates.

Image source: primalinformation.com

His doting mom, Yarraka Bayles, recorded him when he talked about suicide while crying inconsolably.

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Many celebrities got involved either endorsing a little boy and spreading the word or even donating money. Hugh Jackman spoke out: “You’re stronger then you know” after the video went viral.

But, is that the whole truth?

Amid the internet debate whether Quaden is 9 or actually 18 years old, authorities have stepped in. A source close to the investigation said: “There is an active investigation. Instagram con-men can rest assured that the FBI and US Attorney are always watching for internet sensations asking for donations”. The little boy raised 250k dollars in donations.

The video of Bayles waving stacks of cash did not help either. Savvy internet community was outraged and befuddled. Millions around the world are convinced that he is a sociopath that posed as a child in order to con people out of their money.

Still, what began as a video on social media quickly became a movement, raising money with outpouring support. The video has been seen more than 16M times as of today.

“Let’s show Quaden that there is good in the world”- a post said on the fundraising page.