10 Rappers With The Most Expensive Bling in 2024

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Hip hop and rap have changed the way jewelry is worn. With the popularity and spread of these musical genres all around the globe, artists of this kind have been putting more and more beaming pieces on themselves in order to shine bright. After all, they’re stars, right? You’re successful?

Well, damn, you have to show it. Prestige and luxurious life are exactly what all hip-hoppers and rappers compete in – it could be said that they’ve created a tradition out of it. These traditions have resulted in extremely costly pieces called blings.

And, while some fans and critics are delighted with their great stylistic effect, some pieces leave the audience speechless due to their absurdity. But that’s the point in the world of ghetto rhymes, posh cars and golden teeth – as long as it provokes any kind of reactions, it’s fine.

Let’s have a look at the list of most captivating examples among blings that definitely deserve your attention.

  1. Jay Z

Img source: xxlmag.com

Beyoncé’s husband and the world-famous rapper Jay Z occupies the top position on the list with a chain worth 200,000 dollars. He wore this huge Cuban gold chain around his neck at the So So Def anniversary celebration and kept dragging it proudly around during his gigs and concerts.

The giant necklace overshadowed the audience with its massiveness and yet simplicity, without additional pendants and details. This ‘beast’, weighing 5 kilos, still makes us wonder even today how his spine and neck remained unharmed! Guess we’ll never find out – but we expected nothing less of this legend. Urbangoldshop.com even produces and sells quite similar Cuban-style patterns, for true fans that don’t really want to spend the whole fortune – although the range of prices goes from 35 dollars up to 318.000 dollars.

  1. Lil Uzi Vert

Img source: xxlmag.com

Simera Woods from Philadelphia, better known by his stage name Lil Uzi Vert, is another influential person in the world of rap. He saved the place around his neck for his greatest role model, singer Marilyn Manson.

Lille spent a quarter of a million dollars on a link chain made up of about 60,000 diamonds, forming a face of this controversial star and the author of timeless hit ‘Tainted love’ and many more. Woods was regularly judged due to this by numerous critics who supposed that the young man had got into Satanic cult – how crazy is that?

The designer of this unique piece of jewelry was Ben Bahler, and the estimated value of 220,000 dollars for a single piece frosted by diamonds will definitely remain remembered in the history of coolest blings.

Blings, especially necklaces are a thing nowadays in the world of hip hop. You, as well, can ace wearing bling and when you incorporate it with chains to suit your necklace, surely, you will look good on it.

  1. Kanye West

Img source: lamag.com

This man’s career and the love the audience gives him speak of his undeniable talent. Just like the rest of his colleagues and fellow musicians, he didn’t miss this famous rap symbol and got one special for himself, as well.

This tradition appears on him in the form of the head of the Egyptian god Horus: the pendant literally covers the whole lower part of his torso. Yes, you heard it right – comparing himself to a deity, he takes this thing to a whole new level. It’s designed from yellow, 24k gold, and the estimated value of 300,000 dollars is incredible.

  1. T – Pain

Img source: apnews.com

T-Pain’s ‘big ass chain’ might definitely leave you speechless. This diamond piece weighs at least 5 kilos, it cost this famous rapper $410,000 and these three words are placed exactly all over his chest and stomach.

He’s known for his numerous collections of fascinating pieces of jewelry, but this one has gained special public attention – you’ll agree, there’s something pretty crazy about splashing out on such an absurd symbol.

Still, don’t judge him – at one point even the rapper started wondering why the hell he needed it, which was followed by a final confession that it was ‘the dumbest thing he’d ever done’.

  1. Lil Jon

Img source: hiphopdx.com

Rap legend Lil Jon couldn’t forget removing the crunk from the top lists. He expressed his dissatisfaction by wearing a huge gold pendant that says ‘Crunk Ain’t Dead’.

The chain, or better said,  a 5-kilo-chunk of pure gold seems to be worth around half a million dollars, which is a new record in the absurd amounts that these artists were willing to pay for such symbols. In this case, Lil John’s shimmering accessory even took its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  1. Quavo

Img source: xxlmag.com

Just the moment you think you’ve seen it all, you don’t even realize how wrong you are. Rapper Quavo is pushing all boundaries with his jewelry, and this time, it’s all about pendants with Disney motifs, covered with gold and diamonds. Simply overshadowing everything around – that’s the mildest expression we could use.

The price of this shiny element was estimated to be around 250,000 dollars and today it’s a part of the history of rapper jewelry.

  1. Cam’ Ron

Img source: thegrio.com

We can freely call Cam’Ron’s bling ‘a sensation of the early 2000s’. This artist impressed the fashion critics with his 3D globe chain. Such a masterpiece hadn’t been seen before on the world scene and it pretty much caught a lot of attention.

The globe rotates with the help of a battery that powers it – can you even imagine that?  Made of diamonds with gold details, just like the necklaces of his above-mentioned fellows, it’s still incredibly amazing today – but so is its price of 250,000 dollars.

In 2018, it was bought by rapper Lil Yachty who changed its name to “Yachty’s World.”

  1. Takeoff

Img source: rap-up.com

A popular member of the famous hip hop group Migos deservedly got a place on this list thanks to his dazzling ‘friend’ with the estimated value of 500,000 dollars. He put a whole solar system around his neck, and ‘took off’ with the help of a cool rocket in the middle of the pendant.

It’s a depiction of a spaceship moving towards the sun, hanging on a large diamond chain with planets. Fascinating creation, isn’t it?

  1. Pharrell Williams

Img source: nydailynews.com

We’re sure you’ve heard of the song ‘Happy’ which has delighted the whole world, but did you know that what makes this singer happy is an amazing piece of jewelry worth a million dollars? That’s right.

Pharrell Williams’s wish was to obtain a chain with the logo of the band N.E.R.D. This was realized by designer Jacob and made quite unique. The medallion features three little men representing him and two friends from the band: the high price of as much as a million dollars was, however, most likely dictated by various colored gems and diamonds.

  1. Rick Ross

Img source: rollingstone.com

At the very top of our list is probably the greatest self-lover in the history of rap artists.

Rick Ross is known as someone who surprises and astonishes the public with his way of life. The moment that left everyone speechless was his appearance on stage with a chain of his own character. Ross spent a million and a half dollars on this bling and thus secured his reputation as the most highlighted example on this competition list.

In addition to the fact that this cost big bucks, for many, this self-portrait pendant was the most ridiculous one ever seen. Fans and others who follow his career stated on multiple occasions that this amount of money could definitely be used for better purposes. Do you agree?