Are You a New Realtor Struggling to Market Your Business? Real Estate Postcards Can Help 

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Integrating flyers into your marketing campaign is a sure-fire way to create more business for your real estate business. For decades, flyers have helped realtors streamline their success by providing clients with information without bombarding them with cold calls. Although advertising and marketing are becoming increasingly digital, the research continues to show that all signs lead to the use of marketing postcards when it comes to the real estate industry. So, why are marketing flyers so effective?

Marketing flyers give potential customers a sense of autonomy in that they get to decide whether to engage with the listing and contact you for your services. Additionally, the advertisements are subtle enough to not pass off as overwhelming or annoying to those who receive them. By eliminating the problems of flashy advertisements and the sense of interruption that customers feel from such efforts, you can advertise your services to customers, and encourage their reciprocation instead of pushing them away.

Postcards are a Timeless Marketing Strategy

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On the surface, it might seem unlikely that an old-fashioned paper advertisement could have such a profound effect on building customer relationships and major sales, but it makes a lot of sense if you take a closer look. Think about it: nobody likes to be accosted with information. The salesman that knocks on the door is quickly shooed away, and the television ads are muted until the commercial break is over. People like to feel in control of their environment, including the information that they process.

Technology has changed, but people are still the same in terms of maintaining a sense of control and convenience in their lives. With marketing postcards by resources like Wise Pelican, customers can choose when to view the information. The cards rest as a gentle nudge to check them out when it is convenient to the customer. If you’re a new realtor who feels as though you’ve tried everything to market your business, here are some reasons why using the real estate postcard method is the thing you’re missing!

Your Timing Is Everything

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It is essential to go about the real estate postcard process correctly when you’re first starting. When you advertise is just as important as how you advertise. A good rule of thumb is to start by mailing your postcards to one specific area, at least, one time each month.

In the beginning, the more often you mail your listings, the better. By showcasing consistency, you build brand awareness and convey a clear message to the customer: you’re ready to help!

You Can Better Understand Your Scalability

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Stick to real estate farming postcards and watch your returns grow in just a year. The real estate postcard system has been proven to work time and time again. The best part is that you don’t have to invest a large amount of money before you start seeing results. Every time you put a dollar into the investment box, you get at least three times more.

Your 3% commission will earn you over $10,000 on an average $350,000 home. Even if you only sell one listing, you will have not only earned your money back but gained more than $4,000 in return. Each postcard costs about 70 cents, meaning that you are only contributing about just over $6,000 every year if you sell around 9,000 cards in total. As you can see, you invest much less than you get in return by using real estate farming postcards. It might feel too good to be true, but it works, and there is TONS of research to back it.

You Can Market More Effectively

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There are many different ways to create a real estate postcard to get you the success you need. Various templates are available to orient your postcards in a particular direction. You might choose to include ‘just listed’ or marketing updates as two postcard models. Customers enjoy looking at the photos that go along with listings and open houses and are interested in staying “in the know” about marketing updates if they are looking to sell or purchase a home.

You can rely on data analysis to determine your target market. As long as you market to your target market, maintaining reader interest should accompany the postcards you send out. Make sure you don’t send postcards to areas and individual neighborhoods already being marketed to by other realtors. You must stand out to get the clients you’re looking for.

Real Estate Postcards Inspire Action

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Most of the templates for a real estate postcard focus on engaging the reader and inspiring them to take the desired action. Action steps could be signing up for a marketing newsletter, going to the realtor’s website, or calling a phone number. The customer will feel inclined to take these actions if they see that something is in it for them. You might offer free home evaluations, exclusive access to luxury open houses, etc. You want to engage the customer to interact with you by giving them something they can count on in return.

Postcards Support Other Advertising Methods

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Marketing your real estate business will require efforts across all domains. Don’t scrap your digital advertisements and social media engagements but do include the use of a real estate postcard to help you out as well. The combined approach can make all the difference to your results. Your real estate postcard can provide the support you need to supply your advertising efforts into one place.

To get the loyal clients you want, dabble in all of these areas to cover all of your bases. Include your website, social media information, and contact number on your postcards. You can connect all of your advertisement efforts into one area using your real estate postcard. This gives customers an easy and organized way to find all of your information.

Boost Your Marketing Results

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Your real estate postcard system can give you the advertising boost you need as a new realtor. Start integrating just one real estate postcard template into your marketing efforts and be amazed by the results!