Revolutionize Your Energy Efficient Space Heater With These Easy-peasy Tips

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Best energy-efficient space heaters are one of the best ways to lower your overall energy bill if you use them correctly. Some families will put them in a game room or enclosed porch as they are viewed as loud or obtrusive. This is true of some of the older models. However, there are many newer models that can add aesthetics to a room as well and would be perfectly appropriate in the living room or kitchen. Check out the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater, some of which come in nice wood cabinets and make little to no noise.


However, no matter which type of energy-efficient space heater (you can find good example at you choose the important part is to only use it as a supplement to your main home heating system. Putting a space heater in the basement game room, for example, is great for the heat needed in the room. However, it will only be wasting energy if it isn’t turned off when not needed. The same is true in the living room or kitchen of your home.

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In general, what you want to do to get the most return on your energy investment is to use it as a supplement to your home’s main heating system. Used correctly, an energy-efficient space heater allows you to set your home thermostat lower and use the space heater to heat the area you or the family will be spending time working or playing. Even at night, possibly one family member likes to sleep in a room a little warmer than the other rooms. It makes little dollars sense to set the home thermostat high for the one person’s comfort while other family members are throwing off covers. Placement of a heater in the one family member’s room will allow everyone to sleep in the comfort they like and lower the home thermostat at night giving the lowest possible energy bill.

The choices are varied. For this discussion, we are interested in portability and the only portable units are electric. Portable electric heaters convert electricity into heat by radiant or convection heating methods.

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Radiant heaters usually look like old-fashioned steam radiators. They are generally colder to the touch but warm up a person or a nearby object quite quickly. They are not necessarily the best choice for heating an entire room. It will take time for them to heat an entire room. Convection heaters have ribbon or wire heating elements. They are a better choice for quickly heating large areas.

In either case, be sure to buy something safe. Look for the UL list. Radiant heaters are generally less likely to burn someone or cause safety problems because wire elements can become very hot in convection heaters. In addition, look for automatic temperature control so that the room does not change the temperature from day to night and does not waste additional energy. Take a look at a few of each type to determine what is best for you.

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As you can see from the above, an energy-efficient space heater is a good investment if used correctly. It should not be the main source of heat but can be used in areas of the home that allow greater comfort and a lower home heating system thermostat setting. It goes without saying that the unit should be turned off when no family members are using or about to use the space. If you want to learn more about this topic and if you want to check some of the most popular heaters currently available on the market check out this link: