How To Create A Bed For A Good Night’s Sleep


Waking with droopy eyelids, pains, and aches are guaranteed indications that your bed may be failing to support you. You spend at least one-third of your life in bed. Thus, you need to make certain that you build an ideal sleeping environment.

Most people claim that a brand new mattress would, for the most part, lead to a night of much better sleep. However, it is not only the mattress that is of importance. There are also other factors contributing to a comfortable bed.

But we are not implying anything about carpentry. We’re talking about how you build, create, and organize bed’s pieces. For a little help, here’s how to create a bed that you will love sleeping in. Read on!


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There is no denying that it plays a major role in your sleep. It is the VIP of an excellent sleep environment. And for it to be a star, it must achieve the correct balance between firmness and softness, support and comfortability. Also, it must meet your personal and sleep preferences.

An innerspring mattress is bouncier. However, those products with individually encased coils will lessen the partner disturbance and bounce during the night. If you want a firmer mattress, consider a latex one or a memory foam.

But if you cannot seem to make up a decision between memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattress, consider a hybrid one. These bed options provide the best of the other three amalgamated in one supportive one.

When you go buying a mattress, look at how various of them feel when you rest or sleep in your preferred sleeping position. Stomach sleepers discover their comfort zone on memory foam or firmer latex mattresses. Side sleepers are likely to love options with a relatively softer foam or innerspring ones. On the other hand, back sleepers find their comfort from a mattress that is not too hard and not too soft. Check RealMattressReviews to fully guide you in choosing a quality one.

Mattress Foundation

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Now that we’ve tackled the issue, let’s move on to the correct foundation for your mattress and for you. You have got a couple of options to choose from. Box foundations or box springs are common options and will offer maximum airflow, enabling your mattress to convey healthy and supportive sleep.

Aside from holding the mattress, it also reduces or mitigates bounce and movement during the night. However, if you are considering other options, then perhaps a platform bed may be suitable for you.

A platform bed does not require a foundation because the mattress lies directly on the wooden slats. These wooden slats offer the necessary breathability and support for it. Moreover, platform beds occupy less space and bring a distinct design look, adding more charm and character to your bedroom.

Do you want to enhance your sleep without spending a lot of money? If yes, then adjustable bed bases might be right for you. It allows you to change your sleep position in the bed with just a click of a wireless remote or an application on your mobile device.

Lower or lift your upper or lower body, legs, and head as you like. Furthermore, with an adjustable bed base, you will find the correct sleep position to match your preference and situation. If you currently sleep on the futon, ensuring the foundation and mattress are of a good quality is essential. You can find guides on the top ones at sites such as

Bed Sheets

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Before you can even rest or lay on your bed, you will need to have a few sheet sets ready to change for seasonal changes and washing days. High-quality cotton sheets will, without a doubt, do well. They are long-lasting and breathable.

On the package, find the word percale because they’re likely to feel cooler and have good durability. Opt for at least 300 thread count. If you want a smooth, sleek feel, consider sateen bed sheets with a tight-fitting weave.

However, there are times when you’d want to snug up more. For winter and fall, choose flannel sheets. They are typically made of cotton, yet the fibers are brushed to provide a warm, fuzzy feeling.

The brushed fibers confine more air, retaining more heat to your body. When buying flannel sheets, you will not see thread counts. Rather, manufacturers such as rem fit utilize weight per ounces of fabric. Opt for at least six ounces.


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The best blanket will, for the most part, keep you comfortable and warm, without making you feel chilled or sweat. Just like bed-sheets, you will need several blankets in hand to match various weather all over the year.

For winter and fall, the breathability of a lightweight wool blanket aids in regulating your temperature better and helps you stay warmer. However, if you’re allergic to wool, fleece blankets will be right for you.

It is extremely soft, yet less breathable because it is derived from synthetic materials. If you find it hard to keep warm while sleeping, a fleece blanket is a good option. Throughout the year, waffle blanket or cotton twill blanket are excellent bed staples. Although they’re heavier, these options provide breathability.


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Be sure to choose a pillow that will keep your body and spine alignment. Otherwise, it can cause shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches. Plus, it can give you a terrible night of sleeplessness. Refer to your sleep position to get the right pillow for you.


When you are planning to build an ideal sleeping environment, consider the five elements outlined in this article. These key considerations will help you in your decisions, the right blankets, sheets, pillows, foundation, and mattress.