8 Tips For Choosing the Right Color for your Interior Doors – 2024 Guide

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The right color can change your mood, help you feel empowered, and will also make you feel a bit more stylish and fashion-forward. This general rule also applies to the color of your interior and exterior design.

Are you looking for the prettiest shade for your door for your living room, bedroom, or your bathroom? Maybe you want to change your kid’s bedroom? Either way it is, keep on reading! Here, we will give out some helpful tips on how to choose the best shade for your interior doors.

If you want to put any designs on your door use a stencil from Stencil Giant to help.
  1. You might want to stand out with your color

If you want to make a statement with your doors, go for a flashy and noticeable color palette! Go for a color that is bright and noticeable, but that also ties around with the rest of your room. On the other hand, also remember that your doors are used as a passage and that they have to connect two interior spaces, which means that your chosen color has to work for two rooms!

Some of the easiest (yet trendiest) colors to go for are mint green, pale pink, as well as dark brown. You can easily make this look stylish, just stick to that modern vibe with loads of gold elements, as well as stylish rugs!

Img source: pexels.com
  1. Simpler colors are easier to blend

Minimalistic lovers and people who are into simpler trends might prefer a low-key and low-maintenance type of door. If so, the best color, in this case, would be light grey doors, or even whites. Remember that your warmer colors will look great with warm-colored doors (oranges, pinks, yellows, reds), but neutral-colored doors will look cool with cool undertones!

Those are beige, blue, gray, light brown, etc. If you’re looking for some high-quality doors for your living room, bedroom, or your kitchen, you can browse through loads of different and gorgeous models at Todopuertas.net. They offer top-quality Italian white lacquer doors that are super easy to pair along, and will go well with anyone’s aesthetic!

  1. What is your preferred mood?

Colours can really affect our mood and can make us feel some sort of way. Are you a nature lover? If so, the boho and rural style might suit you the best. That’s why you might prefer bright oranges, yellows, as well as green shades for your door.

However, if you want to embrace that modern and sophisticated vibe, and you’re trying to make a cool surrounding, go for black, white, grey, or dark brown colors. If you have a sunroom, per se, you might want to stick to cheerful and vibrant colors here as well.

Combine the color of your mood with your door, the rule is quite simple yet easy to follow, and here are the basics that you should follow:

  • Warm colors = happy vibes (red, orange, yellow, pink, mint green, baby blue, and light purple). These are great whenever you’re trying to put on a statement.
  • Cool tones =low-key and sophisticated (dark brown, black, dark blue, green, red, grey, as well as burgundy). The perfect colors for serious rooms, cool and neutral vibes.
  1. You can paint your doorways

You can always paint your actual doors, but you can also bring a bit more fun and class to your room by painting mantels, built-in bookcases, arched doorways, or even windows. This additional layer and color palette will bring out the detail in every room.

For instance, you can paint a metallic glaze on top of your doors, next to them, or even over your door handle. A copper element will give out a unique finish, and it won’t have you coloring all of your doors, which will help you save time and money as well.

  1. What is the style that you’re going for

Mix some key elements and give out that fun vibe and urban look! Although choosing the right color is a challenge in itself, also know that your preferred door style can make an impact on its final outcome.

For instance, if your doors are big and noticeable – you should probably stick to something not as bright since it may end up looking tacky. Go for pure white, beige, nude, or even dark grey and black doors. Tiny rooms, on the other hand, will appreciate that pop of color, and are way easier to make into a central statement piece!

Img source: pexels.com
  1. Think about the frames

Your door frames are also important when it comes to combining the two main elements. Some people love to color their frames instead of their actual doors. This task is a lot easier, cost-efficient, as well as time-effective, so you could give it a go.

Just make sure to go for the right model, and do not overpay your door frames. The only rule that is important in this case is that you go for higher sound isolation for your bedroom. This means that you should aim for a higher STC number since it will give out better soundproof isolation.

  1. What are your materials

Last, but not least, what material are you working with? Some people love durable doors, and this is why you should invest in your final purchase. Aim for cherry, mahogany, maple, as well as alder, and pine. When making your purchase remember that solid wood can and will expand in size (or even shrink) if it is overexposed to high temperatures and humidity.

Some people prefer MDF since it is a sturdy material, yet is perfect for your kitchen and living room.

You can also stick to metal materials if you are a fan of the modern look (and you are also on a budget).

Ready to decorate?

Are you ready to paint your current door, or are you looking to buy a new model? Either way it is, make sure that you follow these eight crucial steps before you make your purchase. These will help you step up your love and knowledge of interior design, that’s for sure!