Skateboarding and Things you Get Through it

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It can hardly be denied that skateboarding is currently a sport that attracts many young people’s attention. To be skilled skaters, players must practice regularly. Before that, players must also master the basic method. The following article will give you a better view of the basic teaching method. In addition, the article will provide more detailed instructions on how to skateboard for beginners. In case you are a beginner and how to choose the best skateboard are vague, you can visit this link to choose one that fits your style and preference.

Let’s follow it!

What is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a street sport. To play this sport, players just need to prepare a unique tool, the skateboard. Players can control and perform tricks such as jumping, turning, etc on skate. This is a sport that requires a lot of patience.

What to prepare for skateboarding?

It is true to say that the first and very important thing that players need to prepare is to find a satisfactory skateboard. There are 2 popular types of skateboards including long skateboards and short skateboards. In fact, depending on the material and style, each type of skateboard has different prices. You can choose for yourself a favorite skateboard with different styles and colors.

An important part before learning how to skateboard is that you have to choose a pair of sports shoes. Depending on the budget, each person can own a different pair of shoes. Vans, Airwalk or Etnies are shoe brands favored by many young people. They are the not only durable and flat bases but also high grip. This is an extremely important trait for shoes to stick to skis in the best way.

Besides skateboards and shoes, skateboarding protective gear is also essential. You can buy this item at the place to sell skateboards and shoes. The necessary protective equipment for skaters usually includes helmets, knee and elbows pads. These will be essential items that will help you avoid injury. The cost of these items often depends on the style, brand, and material.

Detailed skateboarding steps for beginners

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After you have fully prepared the necessary items, let’s learn more about the basic method with the following basic instruction steps

Step 1: Stand on the skateboard properly

Whether your goal is to learn basic skateboarding or penny skating, you should start with a correct posture on the skateboard. Let practice to be able to stand and balance on the skateboard. You should place your foot across the skateboard so that the foot is parallel to the wheel shaft. This position will help you balance better on the skateboard.

Step 2: Learn to move with the skateboard

Turn your front foot a little so that the front leg is directed towards the skateboard, the other leg is placed on the ground and gently pushed up. You should make this move a bit slow so your body gets used to it and avoid falling. If you are having troubles with it, get some skateboard lessons for beginners so you can learn the basics that way.

Step 3: How to change direction when skateboarding

This is an important step in the process of guiding skaters for beginners. Skateboarding and keep your knees flexible. Then sit down to lower the center of gravity and lean forward a little. Put strength into your legs and tilt your body in the direction you want to move. Don’t put too much force to avoid falling.

Step 4: Stop the skateboard while you skateboarding

The final step is the execution of the stop motion. When the skateboard is moving, gently place your hind legs on the ground. Do not suddenly put your legs down. This will cause the board to stop suddenly and cause you to fall off the skateboard. The force in your legs will make the skateboard slow down and stop afterward.

After mastering the basic steps above, you can proceed to practice more difficult movements such as turning jumps, 180-degree rotation of aerial skateboards, … These are all high-tech movements. So make sure you master the basic steps before doing the above moves.

What did you learn from skateboarding?

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Shoes suddenly become an indispensable thing if you join this sport. This makes you forced to learn about shoes. Skateboarding has accidentally brought you a lot of knowledge about shoes and also helps you choose good shoes. Maybe one day you will become Sneaker Head.

It is true to say that in skateboarding, style is always something that attracts both skaters and viewers. Maybe you don’t skateboard too well, or you can do great techniques, but you create a new style that makes others want. From skateboarding, you not only find your style but sometimes the opposite, you can express yourself there.

Most skaters are young people, they have not had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, but they are real people without a lack of geographical knowledge.

In skateboarding, style is always something that attracts both skaters and viewers

Certainly, during the first time, anyone had many problems with his skateboard (liquid truck, hand truck, wheeled with a lot of movement, etc). All of that is really very difficult for rookies. But any beginning, just after participating in the club, skater gradually becomes like engineers.

In skateboarding, you will encounter minor injuries such as tearing your legs, tearing your hands. But for big injuries like twisting your ankles, breaking your legs or breaking your fingers, no skater wants to face. However, the stalker has great first aid skills.

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The speaker brought wooden sticks, excess iron bars to the garage to be able to create mini boxes or mini rail. It is possible that the skater is no longer doing so but often go to the skate park where there is adequate infrastructure for skating. But this sport has also given them some construction skills, which can be applied to life, not just in this sport.

Being able to go to many places is indeed what everyone wants, not just skater. Getting to the new rinks, the new venue is really interesting, just like you have a picnic. So from the class, you can go more, enjoy the more independent journey to be more mature.

This sport always benefits players and many other interesting things, and we learn a lot from skateboarding.

Instead of sports that only give players health and endurance, skateboarding is one of the most useful activities that everyone can participate in. For skaters, apart from the clear lessons they have to memorize like “never give up”, there are still many other skills besides.