Everything You Should Know Before Filing A JUUL Lawsuit

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One of the most popular activities amongst teens nowadays is JUULing, or in simpler terms, vaping, and this is no less harmful than actual smoking and tobacco chewing itself. However cool it may seem, this addiction has proved itself more harmful, dangerous, and downright poisonous if it continues in one’s lifestyle. Teenagers are getting affected by this, which has brought the need for lawyers.

Lawsuits being filed against JUUL and other such products and brands have been on the rise ever since. JUUL is known to account for almost 70% of the teen e-cigarette market (as of August 2018), and it’s better to be aware of the consequences now than never.

JUUL is a brand of e-cigarettes that looks a lot like USB memory sticks and has gained tremendous popularity amongst teenagers as the go-to vaping device. While it is one of the most widespread addictions for teenagers in today’s day and age, many health concerns are caused by JUUL.

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  1. High levels of nicotine are harmful to the body and can increase dopamine in your brain
  2. Ingredients mixed in the vape liquid are toxic, and at times not even labeled
  3. Second-hand smoke is a problem that prevails in e-cigarettes and vaping
  4. The liquid in the cartridge is poisonous if touched, smelt or consumed

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What does a lawsuit entail?

Most of the lawsuits that are classified as non-JUUL would ideally be concerned with unstable batteries and other such devices. Some examples of the potential lawsuits filed under this category include:

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  • Explosive devices
  • Seizures that could be caused by vaping
  • Fires caused by e-cigarettes, JUUL, vaporizers, etc.
  • Illnesses caused by vaping

Here are some FDA instituted laws against vaping, JUUL, e-cigarettes, and more. This helps you determine at what cause it would be enough to file a lawsuit:

  • A requirement of relevant health warnings on packaging
  • Need for manufacturers to show proof of their products, like e-cigarettes, vaping juice, etc., meeting public health standards.
  • Addition of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices under FDA regulations
  • Prevention of sale of an e-cigarette to minors via age verification technology

How to find an ideal JUUL Lawyer?

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Often Vape lawyers and JUUL attorneys offer their expertise to you, help you right from identifying causes for the lawsuit to fighting one, at no cost unless they win. The attorneys are highly skilled professionals who understand that the Vaping and JUUL industry is very unregulated and under-researched.

While the FDA is doing its best to work on that, the attorneys also ensure that they thoroughly research the case and then go ahead with a lawsuit that’s strong enough to win.

An experienced lawyer, who has knowledge of and has previously handled e-cigarette related lawsuits, would be the right choice for your JUUL lawsuit. They can help you find the restitution you deserve and ensure that you don’t have to live with it all your life.

If you feel that your health and life have been negatively affected by JUULing, Vaping, or other such harmful products, then visit the right lawyer to get this sorted!