All You Need to Know About Skull Rings – 2024 Guide

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Who says jewellery is just for women? If we take a look into the past, it becomes obvious that men have always worn jewellery. Adorning your body with precious stones and metals was a great way to show off your wealth and status in the older days. This practice still exists, but it isn’t as widespread as it used to be. However, this doesn’t mean that wearing an artsy piece of jewellery will make people laugh at you. In fact, if you know how to carry it, jewellery can help amplify your overall looks.

When we talk about jewellery for men, there’s one particular type of jewellery that is really popular; rings. Even today, a lot of men wear rings. The most common reason for wearing one is to signify that you’re married. However, you can wear a ring for more than just this reason. Today, we are going to introduce you to a special kind of ring, one that can look badass and also great at the same time. We’re going to be talking about skull rings, and why you should consider getting one.

Skull rings come in many shapes and sizes. If you look for them online, you will find yourself neck-deep in all kinds of designs. You could just pick one that you think looks cool and start wearing it. But where’s the fun in that? Your ring should mean something more to you. It should symbolize something for you so that it holds more than just materialistic value for you. If you want to buy a skull ring in the right way, you need to begin with research. In order to appreciate this ring style, we must find out more about the symbolism behind it.

What Do Skull Rings Symbolize?

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If we look into the past, we will see the human skull in many places. Throughout history and all across the world, the human skull has always been a sombre symbol. It is usually used to depict death, fear, and finality. The human skull has also been used as a symbol of power. Skull rings have been around for a really long time. They have been used to adorn one self with the human skull. A symbol that celebrates life, signifies death and represents power.

Nowadays, people wear skull rings for two reasons:

  • For symbolic value
  • Because they look cool

If you fall in the latter category, then you really don’t need to do much before you buy one. Simply browse for a style that looks cool to you and buy it. However, if you want your ring to hold some form of symbolic value, then you must pick your style carefully.

Types of Skull Rings

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Now, there are various kinds of skull rings out there. And certain styles hold different symbolic values.

Single Tone Skull Rings

These skull rings look symbol while making a bold statement. They are usually made of sterling silver. Sterling silver looks good and is also quite robust. A single tone skull ring is used to depict simplicity in death. It shows that everyone is equal in death. These rings can also be used to depict freedom and “carpe diem”. They basically remind you that life is short. This is why you should do what you can to enjoy it and live in the moment. You also shouldn’t forget that all humans are made equal and the same fate awaits us all.

Single-tone skull rings are popular amongst free spirits and people who want to enjoy life.

Two-Tone Skull Rings

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These are basically a fancier version of a single tone skull ring. Two-tone rings generally have more than one metal in them. This gives them an added dimension of color and design. A two-tone ring can be used for depicting strength and authority. You can even find rings that have ornate stones in them. Fancier skull rings are almost always used to symbolize power. Even throughout history, skulls with ornate designs have always symbolized strength that must be feared.

Pirate Skull Rings

Everyone is familiar with the pirate skull symbol. A skull with two crossed bones has become synonymous with pirates thanks to mainstream media. This style can be used to depict strength and power in the form of rebellion. People who like to go against norms or cross boundaries may find this style attractive. You can find pirate skull rings in all kinds of styles. From simple designs to intricate ones with precious stones inlaid in them.

What to Consider Before Getting One

The three categories that we talked about are quite broad. There is literally an endless number of combinations and designs when it comes to skull rings. This can make picking your ring a bit tough. However, it also lets you get really creative with what kind of ring you want.

According to Rear Tone, the best way to pick a ring for yourself is by starting off with what you want your ring to mean. Do you want to wear a skull ring to make a statement? Or do you want one to remind yourself of something? Remember that whatever you pick, it needs to speak to you. The whole point of your ring is that it holds value for you.

If you cannot find a design that you like, you can consider having a ring customized for you. A lot of sellers will give you the option to have a ring made from scratch. This will cost you slightly more, but it will also be worth it. You can get a ring that is totally unique. You can have it designed to your liking. And it will also fit you like a glove since it has been made for your finger.

Overall, picking a skull ring can be as complicated as you want it to be. But all your trouble can be worth it once you find a ring that you like. And a good ring can easily stay with you for the rest of your life.