3 Slot Machine Cheats That Changed The Casino Industry in 2024

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As some wise people would say: There is a cure for every disease. So it is in the world of gambling. For every game, there is a way to beat it. Of course, there are also those games where logic or simple luck is mostly used. That is if gambling luck exists at all. However, people would not be what they are if, besides luck and logic, they didn’t try to get money in other ways – and try to cheat the machine. Are there ways to cheat the slot machine? And if so, how does this affect the gambling industry? We’ll try to find some answers.

Luck Games

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History Of “Fixing” Sweepstakes And Slot Machines Fraud

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Before the advent of slot machines and casinos – gambling and betting were mostly the entertainment of rich people. They bet on boxing matches, horse races, cockfights, etc. Scams were mostly prevalent there. Much of the money was given to match-fixing. With the advent of casinos – scams have almost become an integral part of games.

However, to this day, few people have managed to deceive the machine itself – although there have been such cases. Even the slot machine manufacturers themselves do not know how to cheat the machine. For these things, they employ special people – who are currently engaged in programming and compiling algorithms. With the advent of advanced technology – scams have become even more difficult to expose.

Attempts Of Modern Frauds

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With the introduction of new technologies in casinos, such as electronic roulettes and various slot machines – the set-up and fraud by players were less and less. In general, such attempts failed. Attempts at fraud were mostly made at tables where card games were played. Players would generally track or count cards – and thus try to get money.

Rarely did anyone dare to take action and cheat the slot machine. There are few examples, or at least they are not known to the public – that someone managed to cheat the slot machine. The reason for this lies in the fact that today’s slot machines are a matter of technique and programming. So it’s no wonder that mostly the house always wins.

Frauds That Changed Gambling World

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As we said at the beginning – every pain has its cure. So the way to cheat the slot machine is not impossible to find. You already know that no lock cannot be unlocked. So it is with slot machines. We will try to give you a few examples and reveal some of the successful scams on slot machines.

According to Slots O Rama – there is not much information about this that we know about today – some examples are still known. How have these scams changed the world of dice and is man smarter than a machine? Here are some examples where this has proven possible.

1. Hardware Manipulations

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In the past, when slot machines were played the old-fashioned way by pulling the handle, scams were not so common. However, with the advent of new technologies, the space for manipulation has opened up on both sides – both for casinos and for players. Numerous hardware manipulations are known to be used by players in an attempt to defraud the casino and take home the much-desired money.

Moreover, there were special tools for “cheating” slot machines. Of course, for this scam to work, you have to play in a real casino, because players have to be physically close to the slot machines. One of the variants of this type of fraud was counterfeit coins as well as coins at the end, which the players used to provide themselves with as many attempts as possible for as little money as possible. Today, this type of fraud seems naive, because most casinos do not use coins but paper money or vouchers. Also, we can say that online casinos are protected from this type of scam.

2. RTP Frauds

Modern slots are nothing more than ordinary computers. Ok, let’s admit – they are not quite ordinary. Their function is made by using pure mathematics, calculation, and the science of algorithms. It means that a well-versed programmer can trick the machines. This is exactly what one programmer succeeded to do – so one Russian casino decided to hire him as an RTP operative for slots.

This programmer used his knowledge of pseudo-random number generators that use electromagnetic noise. This generator called PRNG is utilized to create a random combination of numbers. However, if the casino uses a weaker algorithm for the slot – a fairly good programmer can detect it. Then, he will make it possible to predict the next so-called random combination of numbers. This is exactly what the mentioned programmer managed to do – and the casino hired him in return to protect their interests. For a “fat” salary, of course. Whichever way you look at this – the programmer won the Jackpot.

3. Hackers And Software Scams

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Little is known about this type of slot machine scam. The big hacker organizations that devised this scam have kept this secret for a long time. And then they tried a scam in three casinos at the same time. Namely, through the mobile application they created – they managed to “break” the system of certain slot machines. They managed to take big money on specific bets. However, in only one of the three casinos, the lucky winner managed to come out with money. The other two casinos, with the help of their developers and risk managers –  managed to realize in time that something strange was happening.

Casino scammers caught in the act were lucky though. They were not handed over to the police, but as a programmer from Russia, they were hired to work for a casino – in an attempt to better secure the system. There have been such examples, but very little is known about them. Such scams have even been an inspiration to Hollywood filmmakers – who have made several films on the subject. However, the manner of intrusion into the system has not been revealed to this day.