How to Spice up Your Love Life This Summer – 2024 Guide

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Finding yourself in a routine and realizing you need a change to keep things fresh can be an overwhelming idea. If you feel your love life needs something new and exciting, it is not a bad thing and you should not be worried about it. It is actually an exciting time for you and your partner to experiment and try something new. In this article, we will go over the best ways to spice up your love life this summer, even before it potentially becomes all too familiar!

  1. Forget the Bed

The simplest way to keep things interesting is to explore other areas of your home except for the bed. The bed is the most commonplace to make love, and yes, it is comfortable. However, a change of scenery is will keep a sense of novelty, and the couches, desks, armchairs, and the walls might surprise you!

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  1. Make eye contact

Although intimidating and maybe uncomfortable at first, eye contact during intimate times will let your partner know you are “all there” and that you are passionate about the moment. Do not get us wrong, it should not be a staring contest, but making eye contact when particularly confident and aroused will transfer that great energy to your partner instantaneously.

  1. A new point of view

Try making love in front of a mirror and watch yourselves doing it. This is an immense turn on for a lot of couples, and it prevents the risk of a leaked private video online!

  1. Keep some clothes on

Being fully naked and enjoying each other’s bodies is the most beautiful thing. However, to spice things up this time around, try to remove only the pieces of clothing that you need, like unzipping the fly instead of stripping down the whole pants for guys. The girls can always just push the underwear to the side, which will develop a sense of urgency and make the session very hot and unique.

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  1. No Hands

While it may seem weird, try a session in which you do not touch your partner with your hands. Use nothing but lips, teeth, tongue, skin, and breath. Trust us, it is not only possible but very hot too.

  1. Roll the dice

Those funny-looking dice that combine locations, poses, and body parts are a nice way of breaking the monotony. If you are having trouble deciding what and where to do things, leave it to the dice and go with its suggestion. Take turns rolling them and just go with it!

  1. Use handcuffs or ropes

Both those fluffy colorful handcuffs or regular ones work. The man or the woman could be handcuffed or tied to the bed, while the other free one teases them and makes them go crazy. The important thing here is trust and respect, as nobody should be pressured or forced into something they are not comfortable with. A blindfold is an extra step towards an ultimate handcuff experience.

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  1. A playlist

Music can be a powerful thing to have in the background as you make love. Depending on your tastes in music, including several different genres, tempos, and rhythms into your love playlist. Try to move with the rhythm while you enjoy each other. You could also include some music you would not normally listen to, just for fun.

  1. Massage

Massages are very relaxing, and they are usually a turn on when your partner is giving you one. Try stripping down, both if when giving one and when receiving one and include some scented oil and candles. What is more, you can massage each other at the same time while using the oil. Simply hugging and kissing like this is enough to blow your mind away.

  1. Toys

Adult toys are the absolute favorites when spicing up the bedroom acts is involved. While the best way to enjoy them is together, both men and women now have tons of options to choose from for their own pleasure. Vibrators, stimulators, and wands are absolute hits for the ladies, and there have never been more options for the guys than now. If you have long wanted to try out some of these, check out this website to learn more and order!

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  1. Try new positions every time

Most couples get into a loop of only one or two positions, which of course becomes boring sooner rather than later. There are dozens of new and exciting positions you can try out, so never limit yourself to just a few! Find out what you like and what feels the best and be creative. You might come up with something new yourself, who knows!

  1. Roleplay

Roleplaying is among the most beloved fetishes and turn-ons in the world. Dressing up as someone else is a very hot thing to do in the bedroom. Have you ever had a crush on a person in uniform, a teacher, a nurse?

If both of you are comfortable, dress up as certain characters to keep things interesting. Teachers, nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and maids are the most popular roleplay fantasies. It is a safe and fun way for the two of you to live out your wildest fantasies. You can even cosplay as famous anime, video game, and movie characters!

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  1. Involve some food items

Bare with us here! We hardly mean for you to have a feast in the bed, but you could do that too if you like, who is stopping you? By involving food, we mean things like melted chocolate, whipped cream, honey, and similar things you can cover yourself in. Simply place the sweets the body parts you want your partner to focus on, and enjoy. To further spice things up, you could try closing your eyes here.

  1. Movie night

No, not a superhero movie or a romantic comedy! We mean a dirty adult movie, preferably with the things you want to do to your partner or receive from them. Watching such a film together can and will put you in all kinds of moods, and give you new ideas on what to try.