How Can Sportsbooks Afford to Give Out So Many Bonuses? 

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Every sports fan wants their favorite team to win and then receive a lot of money and bonuses from betting. Much like other states in North America, Pennsylvania is a state steeped in rich sports tradition. Whether it’s ice hockey, soccer, American football, or the national pastime of baseball, the state has a winner in every category.

It’s no surprise that sports fanatics from the state of Pennsylvania enjoy a good sports wager now and then. A PA sports betting bonus is terrific because it enables PA bettors to have additional leverage on their respective bets. It’s fun to win lots of money, but how can sportsbooks afford to give out so many bonuses? Below you can read about a couple of ways how or you can check out the PA sports betting bonus on

Popular Sports

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It’s common sense to say that the more popular something is, then the more likely people will bet on it. Sports are no exception to that rule. The most popular sports that people like to bet on are soccer, boxing, football, and golf. Is soccer also your favorite sport? On a site note you can click here to check out where to watch your soccer highlights!

Many people think that sportsbooks make their money by winning each game, but that’s not the case. Instead, sportsbooks get an equal amount on both the winning and the losing sides. For example, if you want to win $100, you’ll be asked to bet $110.

If the team you’re betting on to win actually wins, you’ll get $100 in profit while the sports bettors earn $10. If your team loses, the sports bettors make $110. The extra $10 the sports bettors earn is known as “the vig,” giving them a positive expectation. You can read more about what a sportsbook is here.


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A sportsbook isn’t complete without any bonuses, especially welcome bonuses. Often, when you sign up to bet on a sports team then there’s going to be a “rollover” requirement involved.

Welcome Bonuses

For example, some sports bettors have a $500 welcome bonus with a 25x play-through requirement. So, if you deposit $500, you’ll have to put 25x that amount into play to cash out your winnings. If you do win, you’ll be able to cash out your winnings and earn your $500 bonus.

Risk-Free Bets

If you lose your first bet with the sportsbook, the sportsbook will credit you with a “risk-free” bet in correspondence to whatever amount you’ve bet on. That means if you bet $200 on a team and it loses, you’ll receive a site credit of $200. However, if you put that bonus back into play and lose again, then you’ll lose the bet, and the sportsbooks earn that $200.

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Free Bets

A “free bet” lives separately from the player’s first bet. Some offer a 100% free bet up to $500, matching the player’s first wager. For example, you deposit $500 and then bet that same amount on a particular team. That means you’ll earn a $500 bonus whether your team wins or loses.

Reduced Juice Lines

When a sportsbook takes a small percentage off a bet’s top, that is considered a house fee, a rake, or juice. For example, if you bet $100 and win, you’ll only get around $90 with a payout of -110. That -110 is the percentage the house takes for the house fee. No matter which team you bet on, the house will always take the top of the bet. Sports bettors try to get the same amount of money from both teams so that they’ll make a profit no matter which team wins.

Receiving a lot of money after winning a bet for a particular team is what any sports fan looks forward to the most. Sportsbooks earn their money from both the winning bets and the losing bets and having players make bets because of bonuses. That’s how sportsbooks can afford to give out so many bonuses.


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From a promotion in employment to promotion in sports betting, promotions make people feel great and feel like they’re on top of the world. Plus, everyone loves receiving free stuff. When sports bettors hand out promotions, they get your initial business and retain it for a longer time. Here are the different types of promotions you can earn when betting on sports.

Rakeback Promotions

Though not the most popular type of promotion, you may see this one from time to time. A Rakeback promotion, or a cashback promotion, gives you a percentage of the money you either lost or that the casino profited from your bet. Sportsbooks only make a percentage of money from your bet. So, the more you bet, the more money you get back from the sports bettors.

How percentages are calculated and paid and when they’re paid depends on where you’re betting and how the promotion is set up. You may not get a whole lot of money, but a dollar you earn back is a dollar you didn’t have before.

Free Bet Promotions

The more popular type of promotion, a free bet promotion, covers your first bet if you lose a certain amount (around $10 to $25). You may not get your cash back if you lose, but you will credit for another bet.

If you win a bet, then you do not need this promotion. If you lose, however, sportsbooks will let you make a second bet on the house. You’ll have to lose twice in a row to lose money.

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Sports fans express their love for their favorite teams and sports by buying their merchandise. Sports bettors know this, so that’s why they often run promotions for players to earn and win free merchandise from their favorite teams. Sometimes, you can choose which team you want to receive merchandise from; other times, you’ll just get whatever team you win.

Even though it’s not money, it’s still free stuff. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll get merchandise from a team you don’t care for, and even then, you can still trade it off or sell it online.


Most sports fans want their favorite team to win and then receive a lot of money and bonuses from betting on them. From betting on popular sports to all sorts of bonuses and promotions, these are the ways that sportsbooks can afford to give out so many bonuses.